Posted by: Bruce | April 9, 2016

The wonders of me – Barack Obama next Oz P.M.?

The swinging voterWell, it seems like only yesterday (2013) we had a federal election. The winner, Tony Abbott as P.M., was given the flick pretty quick for Malcolm Turnbull who didn’t miss a trick.

In the next few months of 2016 we have another election; will Malcolm Turnbull survive? It seems his performance isn’t running as sweetly as it should. I say lookout if he gets the job back. No more Mr Nice Guy for the next year or two.

There is not much variety in candidates is there? No real standouts. Realistically only two, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten (Lab) and P.M. Malcolm Turnbull (Lib) are up for grabs to fill the top slot. What a choice, what a bore. It’s a duopoly of leaders who say the same things and can do nothing without introducing a new tax under the guise of tax reform. As for taxes, this Liberal Government has shown itself to be a self righteous, unimaginative, hypocritical purveyor of taxes, easily eclipsing the previous Labour government’s poor reputation for honesty, arrogance and deception.

And so I wondered. Have we ever had a P.M. from the National Party? If not, why not? Why can’t the current leader of the Nationals, Barnaby Joyce, go for P.M.? Without the Nationals, the Liberal Party would never be in government, they don’t have the numbers. The Nationals are equally important and I reckon a P.M. from their ranks would be a good idea, or at least a possibility of something different. In fact, they should produce a P.M. or two or they shouldn’t be in government.

thenation.comIf that’s not a possibility then what about Barack Obama, soon to be a retired, ex-President of the USA.? I read somewhere that his term finishes in January or February 2017. He’ll probably get bored. He seems okay. He could potter around in Australian politics to keep his mind active. It would be good for him. He’s not from our parties here, he’s got qualifications and references. How would this country go with a fresh set of eyes from the outside looking in. I find this thready thought interesting. Could it work with an outsider as our P.M.?

Probably our Constitution doesn’t allow non-residents (or ex-presidents) to become an M.P. in Australia. An understandable provision but could we bend the rules a little?

I’ve made up my mind. Next elections, I’ll vote for Barack Obama of the ex-Presidents Party or Barnaby Joyce of the Australian National Party. If they aren’t on the tickets then ……

Words for today;         Moving Forward – The most banal election tag ever used.

More to come;     same blog time, same blog channel



  1. Please don’t wish Obama on us, Bruce. There are enough home grown pollies pottering around here working hard at looking busy but not doing much to earn their money. Perhaps, as you suggest, the Nationals might be a go.
    As for that phony who said he could but he couldn’t and didn’t. He wasn’t even the first to coin that fabulous phrase that inspired the US voters. We don’t need phrases, we need action and someone who has the courage of his convictions.
    Glad to see you back.


    • Do you think Bill Clinton Mary? Just kidding. Which phony do you mean? As for that phrase, “Move Forward”; Obama, Rudd, Gillard, Abbott and every other man and his dog flogged it. It would have been more outstanding if they said ‘move backward’. Thanks for reading Mary; I hadn’t really gone, a few photos have been posted, but I have been quiet.


      • Sorry to sully your gentle dig at politicians. I liked it very much. I’m just fed up with everything these days and pollies are top of my list.
        It’s not the ‘move forward’ slogan that gives me the irrits, it’s Obama’s ‘yes we can’ which wasn’t Obama’s. I wouldn’t have minded so much but as I say, he couldn’t and didn’t.
        Compliments of Wikipedia: “Yes we can,” a slogan used by the Scottish National Party’s campaign of the United Kingdom general election, 1997
        ‘Sí, se puede’ the origin of “Yes We Can!” President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign slogan, was a direct translation of rallying cries of the farm workers movement led by César E. Chávez, founder of the United Farm Workers, an organization devoted to defending the rights of farmhands and field workers across the country.’


      • Thanks for the info Mary. Funny, but I don’t remember the ‘Yes we can’ slogan. The “Move forward” slogan still drives me nuts. We’re all a little different aren’t we?

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