Posted by: Bruce | October 28, 2015

A cool change – Lake Macquarie, Australia

That’s doesn’t hold true on a hot day though. On the water you can cook yourself faster than on shore. As for a change of pace, the Lake gets a pretty solid workout by many.

Over the past year or two I’ve gathered some images and thought they might interest other eyes. A bit like street photography but on the water instead.

Just one click on any pic will quickly present enlarged images, one by one, for easy on the eye viewing.

Sometimes, listening while looking can be good. I was going for Cool Change by Little River Band but it seemed just a little serious. This time I’ll go with a toe tapper.

Words for today;    Maybe you’re in one of these photos (hope that’s okay).

More to come;    same blog time, same blog channel


  1. Just finished slaving over the stove. Wish I was in one of your photos, Bruce.


  2. PS. On the water you can cook yourself, but what about in the water?


    • You’re a one woman comment squad Mary. Thanks for looking and interesting that the Classic Conversation boat would suit you. Not quite as flashy as the Mighty Big Runabout but yes, it would be fine for that drink, tucker and reading a book. As for cooking, I’ve burnt in and out of the water, just stayed cool doing it!


      • Remember that advert, ‘when you’re on a good thing, stick to it?’ That’s me. I love your posts and photos and will be faithful till the end. (Although I can’t for the life of me remember which product that advert was promoting).
        I have hundreds of followers, Bruce, but only a handful of them visit and like something I’ve written and even less, comment on my posts. What’s most irritating is when I find new followers in my inbox who haven’t said what inspired them to follow. Not one ‘like’, not one comment from those dopes. If I could delete them, I would.
        If you ever work out the trick to getting faithful, commenting type followers, do please let me know.
        PS. This morning I found 5 likes in my comments box. I visited a freshly pressed site and commented and five people decided they liked what I had to say, but were not curious enough to visit my blog and check out the person whose comments they liked. 🙂


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