Posted by: Bruce | August 26, 2015

Gilwarra Cemetery – Glenthorne N.S.W.

In March of this year I had a few hours to myself and pointed the car north. Glenthorne, near Taree, was my destination, in particular a small cemetery in farming land off Glenthorne Rd. I have a distant relative or two residing here.

Called Gilwarra Cemetery (and Glenthorne General cemetery), I thought I’d post these photos for any who have an interest in this area and the cemetery. Time has slipped by but perhaps, better late than never.

When looking for some information on this cemetery, the grounds were shown to be in a better state of care but that was a year or so previously. On this day, despite recent burials, the general area was overgrown and looking pretty neglected. Things may have changed since my visit.

According to the Greater Taree City Council this cemetery is classed as historic and private. I’m not sure who has the task of maintaining the grounds, volunteers probably do the work when they have a chance. As for restoring the old graves and headstones, that would involve significant costs I suppose.

The photos tell the story. I have other images of headstones but other sites appear to have that covered. Just click on any picture for quick presentation of enlarged images. One of the images shows burial dates as 1870.

I added a couple of images from further down Glenthorne Rd, A glimpse of the old Glenthorne Public School, now  privately owned. The school had one room according to my Mum, that catered from kindy to 6th class, better known now as Year 6. Another glimpse of what was the Post Office and Residence for the local postmaster. Next door, a church once stood, marked by a monument.

Words for today;      Gilwarra Cemetery – passing time

More to come;    same blog time, same blog channel


  1. Glad you haven’t quite gone away, Bruce. I’ve always loved your photos. I was most definitely fascinated with the gravestones.

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    • Hi Mary and thanks. Bit like the old shed, still standing. I hope the photos look okay for you. I always wonder how they view on other screens; you know lcd and led etc., white balance and all that stuff.
      Some of the headstones are interesting as you say. I have more photos but the details are difficult to read. I have used an effect or two on a few photos which helps the words stand out, generally I keep my photos straight. There is another I think you’d like Mary. It’s for a woman who never uttered an unkind word to her husband and a son who was obedient. How is your change going Mary?


  2. My change is going slowly, Bruce. I’m working on two articles but life tends to get in the waygets in the way. And of course there’s the research and it’s not like saying what the heck, I’m fed up with this piece and pressing the publishing button. I used to do that a lot.
    Your photos look great, just don’t ask me to get all technical about it because I’m the clueless type who knows what she likes. That woman who never criticised and obeyed was obviously a saint. Or else she was a neo-feminist, ahead of her time. 🙂

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