Posted by: Bruce | July 16, 2015

Open Slather Comedy ( Ep8 ) – Holy Hogan Batman, what’s happening?

Open Slather Image by Comedy Channel

Sunday, July 12 and the telly was free. No tapping keys or checking eBay for trail bike parts. Tonight I wanted some laughs. With a clean slate of expectation, I watched another show but to no avail. Good laughs were not to be had, at least for me.

A skit of a guy with a golden glow and funny accent seemed a throwback to Fast Forward days. It could have been funny but wasn’t. Another of a guy with a gigantic mole on his face looked to have originated from The Spy Who Shagged Me or Goldmember movie of Austin Powers fame. A smile or two happened but a laugh, no. The Bill Shorten Sleep Miracle should have brought in some laughs, but didn’t.

I smiled once when Paul Hogan as a Cardinal, mused on his reflection in a store window. A bit of classic Hoges, but no laugh.

An absolutely terrible skit with an ex-con Aussie yobbo as a Guru, talking to couples sitting on the floor in front of him, was probably the worst bit of viewing. Every second word it seemed was f… and f… and f… How incredibly dumb. And why?

The closing skit, ‘Instantly Cool’, was of an adult talking to school kids about life. A role reversal it seems.A few clever bits, but not funny.

BBH Reviews rates Ep 8 with a score of 3/10.

1 point – Because I almost laughed a few times + ….

2 points – Because two school girls in the skit finished the show saying ‘That was the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen’. Their comment was pretty close to the mark for me. (They almost mimicked the video in my post on Episode 2)

Good laughs from the show? It hasn’t happened overnight, but it might happen.

For a bit of balance I’ve included links to a review of the first show. The writer raved about it. The second link, to Wikipedia, shows the drop off in viewing numbers as the weeks pass.

Word for today;       Humour – Not in Open Slather Comedy

More to come;     same blog time, same blog channel


  1. It’s a shame, really, because a bunch of our best comedians gathered together in the one spot should have made it good watching. I was almost tempted to watch that episode with Hoges in it, am glad you did the suffering for me. I have to smile when I think of Paul Hogan.. A lot of his original material would have been whited out of existence today.

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    • I agree Mary. You summarised it well. I wonder how many people actually like the show. If Wikipedia research numbers are right, not much of Australia is tuning in. It will be down to the economics soon, don’t you think?


      • You (I) just don’t know what Australia is tuning into these days, Bruce.I can only speak for myself and myself is not very impressed.

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