Posted by: Bruce | June 27, 2015

The wonders of me – time

Stopwatch ticking - NoNeg ImagingIt’s going so fast, I wonder how to slow it, even stop it for a little while. A while is time though, isn’t it?

Stopwatch stopped - NoNeg ImagingIf time could be stopped, can a moment be enjoyed longer or does your heart stop beating?

Today, Saturday, a cracker of a winters’ day. Crisp morning, blue skies, little breeze. Time to make the most of it because ……….

Yesterday, today was tomorrow and tomorrow, today will be yesterday.

Words for today;     ⇑⇑  Incredible philosophy

More to come;     same blog time, same blog channel


  1. Just make sure you are having a boring time. Time slows down then. 🙂


    • A good thought Mary. I don’t seem to have much down time lately and can also be bored when I’m busy. Hard to please I guess.


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