Posted by: Bruce | June 27, 2015

The Queen’s Guard – quick march home, don’t stop for speed bumps.

June 13,2015 was the day of celebration in London for Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday. Following the Queen’s Birthday Parade, soldiers from 1st Battalion, Grenadier Guards, were returning to Barracks. An incident took place between a Guardsman and member of the public.

This description was issued by an Army spokesperson who said the incident was regretted and no injuries occurred. Further ‘it will be appreciated that soldiers marching have little room to manoeuvre’.

Tourist Gerry Weatherhead, from Haverhill, Suffolk is the man shoved out of the way by a marching soldier. He seems to have copped a lot of criticism  and called ‘stupid man’ more than once. One spectator thought him to be a stupid American tourist. That turned out a stupid thing to say.

With due respect to the marching soldiers of 1st Battalion, Grenadier Guards, my sympathies lie with Gerry Weatherhead. He accepted blame and apologized for his unintentional actions, pretty well giving the soldiers a free pass but…….

Having ‘little room to manoeuvre’ doesn’t cut it. These guys should be pro’s and avoiding an obstacle or person, second nature. The march leader appeared not to notice the guy in the way. A very poor show old chap, we’re not talking about a runaway train here.

Now to the guts of the the topic. Would a woman, a toddler, an old digger with a walking frame, a person in a wheelchair, the Queen, have copped the heave-ho to the side?

Imagine the Queen in place of Mr Weatherhead? The leading soldier and those following would have executed a vertical jump over her or stopped and concertina’d as if hitting a brick wall.

Mr Weatherhead was barrelled out of the way because he could be.

This radiates a loss of perspective and an indulgence in self importance by the Queen’s Guard. Not pretty at all.–Zkr5eyXKbl

Words for today;      Queen’s Guards  —  need a better approach.

More to come;     same blog time, same blog channel.



  1. Mmmm. Not sure, Bruce. I agree that if it had been a woman a toddler, an elderly person the reaction would have been different, but that crowd were waiting for the parade and the sound of marching boots should surely alerted him. I’m not sure either what sort of leeway those soldiers are allowed. I’ve heard that guards are forced to put up with a fair bit from gawkers outside Buckingham palace.
    It’s my birthday today so you’ll have to put up with my disagreeing. 🙂


    • Happy Birthday Mary, Hope today was and still is enjoyable for you. Thanks for taking time out to disagree! From what I’ve seen, the guards do get a bit of stick from tourists and morons and I don’t blame them for being toey. Though I’m pretty sure they would know from the first day they don the hat, their lot won’t be low profile. The tourist bowled out of the way said that he didn’t hear them and was sorry etc. He doesn’t appear to be a moron. Still, I think it’s beside the point. He was judged to be in the way and treated accordingly and it could have been worse. They surely would have dodged any other person so why not him? I think a bunch of soldiers marching to barracks are in no way justified in bowling people out of the way. Did you get a present or two?


      • 🙂 It was a fabulous birthday, thanks Bruce. Made even better because all four of my grandchildren are currently in Melbourne. (Usually it’s two).

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