Posted by: Bruce | June 2, 2015

Open Slather Comedy (Ep2) – From bad to bad, or worse.

Open Slather Image by Comedy Channel

BBH Review rates Open Slather Comedy Show (Wk 2) at 1/10

A generous rating, as it took only 8 minutes to dash and trash my hopes for home grown comedy. The 1 point was for saving me wasting more time watching the rest of the episode.

Previously I said I was likely to watch again looking for a laugh….

May 31st, Ep 2 – Around 8.00 pm I remembered the show, switched over and was greeted with a skit of 2 guys (gangsters?) selling the features of a car boot for storing kidnap or murder victims or something like that. With one of the two yelling ‘shut the F-Bomb up!’ followed shortly by another loud F-Bomb, I was still looking for my eyebrows when the next skit arrived.

A guy in a rabbit suit worked a con job of sorts from a bar to a blokes bathroom threatening him; boring as bat jobbies. The next skit was of the ‘Manor’ or something. Memorable only for the sudden and violent pushing over of a woman. Was she a stunt woman? Maybe that was supposed to be the politically incorrect stuff to excite a viewer. Time was up.

Who writes this stuff and is there is a particular target audience? The swearing is irritating and boring. It’s at shopping centres, walking past pubs, footy games, on trains, on buses, online, ads on telly, everywhere. It’s hard to avoid.

Anyone can swear, but not anyone can make people laugh.

After watching the 1st episode and 8 minutes of the 2nd, I felt as did the Principal, when replying to Billy Madisons ‘little puppy’ recitation in the film of the same name. Adam Sandler fans will know it but for those who don’t, you just might enjoy the film clip as well. There’s more humour in this video of 36 seconds than the 1hr and 10 minutes of two episodes I’ve watched so far; and there’s not a single F-Bombing  ‘F-Bomb’ muttered by the speaker.

P.S. – I wonder if the show has good ratings? I think it stinks but that’s my opinion only. I’m a glutton for punishment and know I’ll try another episode. Not sure when, but soon.

Words for today;     Open Slather Comedy Show – not for me (yet?)

More to come;    same blog time, same blog channel


  1. You’re a lot fairer than I am, Bruce, and a lot more willing to waste your time. Thanks, though, for confirming what I already suspected.


    • Your welcome Mary. Maybe a month or two down the line I might, only might, spent another 8 minutes seeing if things have changed, or, if it’s still there to watch!


  2. PS Thanks for the film clip.


    • Have you seen this movie Mary? It has its rough spots but generally makes me laugh. The principals reply, I thought to be exactly the right description (and funnier) for the poor comedy shown in Open Slather.


  3. WORST, SHOW, EVER.. Funny, no, last hope of earning a paycheck for these washed up “comedians”, yes… Please, please, please cancel this waste of space!!!


    • I wonder if the show will survive or get the chop? I can be a glutton for punishment and might, only might, tune in again a couple of months down the track. Will it be there?
      Thanks for taking the time to give your opinion on the show LuvAlaugh.


      • I suspect that with most shows, there’s a contract by the networks for a number of aired shows despite its ratings… My hope of this show going away, as also the case for the new “odd couple”, is numbered for sure.. But it can’t happen quick enough. I do get a laugh though at the networks feeble attempts to call them “funniest”, “groundbreaking comedy”, etc.. In the case of the new odd couple, the best they could do to show “reviews” in their add promos were to show random, fictitious tweets, as oppsed to real reviews…
        As synicial or grumpy as I may sound, I have nothing against funny, fresh new shows, but we are all here to stand up against these rubbish shows which insult our intelligence and struggle deeply to find it funny, or even have a smile is a mission by this horrible writing.


      • I’ll have to watch an episode of The Odd Couple. I thought I saw an add for it ages ago but didn’t follow up. I think there have been one or two of the Friends cast to go it alone, or almost alone, based on their success in the long running show; didn’t last long though. Can’t see Matthew Perry in the role of slob. I don’t watch much telly these days which is why I was cheesed of with the Aussie show. Maybe I don’t fit the target audience if there is one.


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