Posted by: Bruce | May 28, 2015

Open Slather Comedy – on F-Bombs’, not the laughs.

Open Slather Image by Comedy Channel

BBH Review rates Open Slather Comedy Show at 5/10.

A Premiere worth missing.

The effort, the cast, the work was there. Too bad the laughs were absent. Get Smart re-runs easily win here.

Curtain call left me with maybe four occasions I laughed or smiled.

The F-Bomb was well and truly flogged. It worries me when swearing becomes the comedy. Sprinkled sparingly works okay but…

AND the images of the asylum seekers tragedy at Christmas Island left me very puzzled and unimpressed.

Maybe I was tired. I’ll watch again because not every show will make everyone laugh.

The time slot of 7.30-8.30 pm on May 24th was curious as well. Times have changed (sorry about the pun) and no longer is adult content viewed after 8.30 pm; on Foxtel anyway.

Open Slather is not the show to sit and watch with a young family. What a contrast to those earlier shows where we could all sit together, hold hands and head off to Fantasy Land………


Word for today;     F-Bomb – not family friendly.

More to come;    same blog time, same channel.


  1. I haven’t watched that show, Bruce. I must admit that the trailers looked promising, almost like the good old days when anything Aussie produced was worth watching. Haven’the bothered since political correctness started creeping in. I once told my schoolboy sons that the moment they heard me swear, they were free to let loose. I don’t know how today’s parents are coping.

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    • Like you Mary, I thought it was promising as well considering some of the actors from previous comedy shows. But this one didn’t do much for me. You already have my thoughts from the post so I won’t repeat myself. The throwback to the days of Sunday night and Disneyland popped into my head as I heard yet another F-Bomb on the tele. Maybe not super relevant but what a contrast in standards. Thanks for reading Mary, hope you are well (and your Mum).


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