Posted by: Bruce | May 9, 2015

P.M. Tony Abbott and the ad-Libs: more smoke and mirrors for 2015?

The swinging voterStanding at attention on my stuffed political armchair I reflected on the Abbott governments’ performance since elected to power in September 2013.

I wondered if a change in perspective would alter the world of this swinging voter. What standouts, what decisions or actions by the Abbott gov’t have impressed upon my political psyche to date?

With the May 2015 budget looming I thought I’d offload a few points now, as the next budget could trigger a new era in head scratching…..

<> I’m glad that the government and opposition managed the usual business of running Australia in-between the headline dramas of the Liberal Party.

<> The P.M. found that being elected didn’t quite offer his government carte blanche of the Australian voters.

<> Labours’ carbon tax gone – to be replaced by Libs dubious scheme now floating in the ether.

<> No new taxes (from the book of Abbott) actually means yes, new taxes.

<> The P.M. has been quoted as saying ‘A country doesn’t prosper through taxation’.

<> The Abbott Gov’t abolished the Mining Tax. It argued against this tax relentlessly when in opposition and only a very watered down tax was imposed when enacted.

<> The P.M. and Treasurer mocked the revenue from the battered Mining Tax they helped destroy yet blamed Labour for Australia’s apparent financial woes.

<> The Abbott Gov’t tries to impose a GP Tax. Better to hit the sick in the doctors waiting room instead of the mining companies taking their profits overseas.

<> A very generous Paid Parental Leave scheme for those of ‘calibre’ to be introduced by the P.M. is trampled and put away in the ‘dead and buried’ file. A heavy slug on industry which would be immediately offloaded as higher prices for consumers. Keeping WorkChoices company, it’s not really dead and buried, just looks that way.

<> The Treasurer stuck his foot in his mouth over the GP tax and the fuel excise tax. ‘Poor people don’t drive much’ yet apparently have enough to buy ‘just a couple of beers’ or pay the GP tax. Mining companies can’t afford a couple of beers.

<> The Abbott Gov’t has stopped the boat loads of illegal immigrants and asylum seekers. A real achievement, though not without ongoing problems. At the minimum, less lives are being lost through the actions of people smugglers. Labour made a total mess of it while in Gov’t.

<> In less than 15 months calls arose for a Leadership challenge to replace Tony Abbott, a reminder of Kevin Rudd days. A leadership challenge took place but Mr Abbott survived.

<> Ironically, Tony Abbott can thank the previous Labour Gov’t for keeping his job. The disgraceful manner in which K. Rudd (previous P.M.) was ousted by the Labour Party was quoted so often by his Liberal colleagues at this point in time, I reckon Tony Abbott was headed unceremoniously to the back benches.

<> I’m glad some political stability is prevailing regardless of who occupies the Lodge.

<> Small business to get much needed ‘fuel in the tank’ from the 2015 budget. Funny that; the ‘fuel in the tank’ will be costing more from the re-introduced fuel excise tax.

<> I think the Abbott Gov’t is doing a reasonable job in the area of Australia’s security; tough times for all and very scary.

<> What ever happened to the basics? Health, education, law and order?

<> Prior to May 2015 Budget, the Treasurer, ‘Just two beers’ Joe has the hounds nipping at his heels. So does Tax ’em Tony.

BBH Performance rating:   5/10


Words for today;    The Liberal Government – nothing out of the hat.

More to come;    same blog time, same blog channel.



  1. We vote our politicians out, but they only bide their time. Like the human cockroaches they are you can stamp on them but they always bounce back. It really riles me that that’s the best the electorate can do. I keep asking, but without any hope of an answer. Why aren’t politicians the ones made accountable for their blunders? Why is it always us?
    Looking forward to that budget too, Bruce. Thanks for the chance to have a bit of a rant. 🙂

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