Posted by: Bruce | May 1, 2015

Frankie – Sister Sledge

Having read and commented in depth on a blog or two tonight I thought I’d finish the night on a light note, musically and metaphorically speaking and present Frankie by Sister Sledge.

The first video is some sort of clip I’ve never seen before but is kind of funny or interesting to watch.

The second is the same song but lyrics only.

It’s a song I’ve always liked and, wishful thinking or imagination had me as the object of those sweet voices and lyrics.

The only trouble with this fantasy being my name; Bruce. Now substituting Brucie for Frankie doesn’t really work so whenever I hear it I temporarily assume the name Frankie. I have a friend called Frank. Not Ernest. Frank. Lucky devil.

Word for today;     Frankie – That’s not my name.

More to come;    same blog time, same blog channel



  1. I don’t know this one, Bruce, but I like it. It’s boppy and the lyrics are sweet. I think we all fantasised at some time that the singer could be singing to us. (what about, Brucie, do you remember me? No? Sorry. 🙂 )

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