Posted by: Bruce | April 15, 2015

Cara Mia – Come a little bit closer.

Something to finish the night. What a voice. Same voice in the second video and a bit of fun to go with the lyrics. I guess they are just being little rascals, billy goats, silly billies, little devils, modern teenage whopper snippers or whipper snappers, rebels or scallywags. Jay and the Americans. and Word for today;    Pulchritudinous – heartbreaking beauty. More to come;    same blog time, same blog channel.



  1. I know that you’re younger than I am, Bruce, but we must have the same taste in music. All the music clips you put out just make me all nostalgic for the past.
    Bruce, I’m hearing all sorts of things about your part of the world. Are you and yours okay?


    • You must have excellent taste in music Mary and like listening to the oldies. I suppose they go hand in hand with nostalgia don’t they? Sometimes good, other times a little maudlin. As for me being younger than you Mary; what do you mean? Look at my photo, not a day over 33 and you’re way younger than that.
      As for this part of the world, yes it has been a little rugged. A few have lost their lives and I’ve never seen so many trees on broken power lines. We’ve had to rough it a little since Monday when the power went. No power, phones etc till around 5.30pm this very evening. A great effort by the workers to restore power in this time. There are many still waiting though and probably won’t have it till early/mid next week. Looking forward to a hot shower tonight instead of cold. Brrrrrr.


      • Hi Bruce, what a relief that you are okay. I was listening to Sydney radio and it was frightening and that’s from a distance.
        I’ve heard that we’re a land of drought and flooding rains, but every time it happens I seem to be taken by surprise to hear that it’s happened.. Thankfully, I’ve never had to experience it myself.

        I don’t have excellent taste, Bruce, it’s just that I’m incapable of moving out of the comfort zone of my youth..

        Can’t tell age from pictures, Bruce. I just know that you still have children living with you. Besides, if I were (as you suppose) way younger than your 33, my children would be worried and asking a lot of questions. 🙂

        Enjoy your shower tonight. It’s amazing how we take our mod cons for granted until they’re taken from us.


      • Thanks for the hot shower wishes and your concern Mary. Hopefully things will improve for others still without power and those in Sydney who might have been hammered again with hail and heavy rains tonight.
        As for your kids worrying, that’s okay. A little payback wouldn’t be so bad.
        I love your line ‘I’m incapable of moving out of the comfort zone of my youth’. It twists me round a little or a lot. A bit paradoxical, it sounds like a storyline at the same time.
        I’ll keep my eye out for something that might be easier on your present comfort zone.


      • You always do, Bruce. Even the Brylcream ad had me bopping. (how pathetic I am).


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