Posted by: Bruce | March 7, 2015

North Korea’s Kim Jong-un; new hairstyle doesn’t cut it.

It’s hair raising having hairstyles of dictators hitting the headlines.

Attention; I'm having a bad hair day.

Attention; I’m having a bad hair day.

The bottom line for this plucking eye brow haircut is that Kim Yong-un is still a dictator. His abuse of Brylcreem proves it.

Arrest that crowd, someone laughed.

Arrest that crowd, someone laughed.

In this photo he must have run out before he left for work. Normally, with Brylcreem ‘a little dab’ll do ya’, but this number will need a jar at a time. He does seem to have a pretty big head.

It also seems, in the land of the free, that his flat top (or e-shock) is to be the ‘recommended’ style of choice for certain sections of the male community. Perhaps a ‘little me’ or two with supreme hair styling.

Word for today;      Dictator – Kim Yong-un

More to come;    same blog time, same blog channel



  1. Kim was obviously having a bad hair day in that second photo. I wonder what happened to the barber. That song has been echoing through the caverns of my mind – you look so debonairrrrrr…. Thanks so very much, Bruce.


    • It is a catchy tune, no doubt there Mary. I think I heard some school kids singing it the other day. Funny though, one asked the other what debonair means. I like the emphasis on the word ‘natural’. It repeats so often it starts you wondering. Glad you like it Mary.


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