Posted by: Bruce | March 1, 2015

Spock; live long and prosper.

Leonard Nimoy  – March 26, 1931 – February 27, 2015.

Mr Spock - image blaster.comI used to give my kids the Vulcan salute when they were little and going to sleep. Saying ‘Live long and prosper’ meant little to them, only that their dad might be a little weird. Still, every now and then they give it a whirl themselves.

Left handed Vulcan greeting   -  image frugal-cafe.comI find the salute easier with my left hand; what about you? I like it’s origins and the wry humour of Mr Nimoy on it’s universal use given the salute’s origin. As the image shows, a left hand effort should be okay for those whose fingers on the right hand won’t oblige.

In this short clip, Spock talks of friendship and the needs of the many. I think he actually returns at a later time due to some mysterious Vulcan stuff.

I’ve included a link to a tribute on Leonard Nimoy. I usually don’t like to read about the real person behind a character. Often, they aren’t as I would have them and this tends to intrude when watching them on the screen.

As for Leonard Nimoy, his life seems the opposite to his character. That is probably logical. Some of his artistic pursuits included poetry, photography and music. Apparently his pop singing was judged pretty crook by his friends.

Words for today;  Leonard Nimoy – lived long and prospered. Mr Spock lives on.

More to come;   same blog time, same blog channel.


  1. Loved Leonard Nimoy’s character. And I preferred the original. It wasn’t as slick as the spin-offs, but I liked it that often SF writers had a hand in writing the scripts..
    Bruce, since the advent of Google, I have learned things about actors I love that I wished I hadn’t. Now I suspend disbelief and stick blissfully to my ignorance.


    • I prefer the original too Mary and Spock is a gem. The Next Generation I don’t mind either but not like the original. I’m not sure why.


      • Too slick is why, Bruce. I like some of the science fiction writers who had a hand in writing the scripts for the original. My favouri9te being Harlan Ellison.


      • That’s a good description Mary. I’m not up with SF writers as you are Mary, but that probably explains why I liked some episodes a lot more that others. Maybe some were more like the original. Still, I like the expression ‘Make it so’ a lot!


  2. You must be the loveliest dad. Live long and prosper, Bruce.


    • Thank’s Mary, though you are making me blush. I’m sure my kids have ideas about my Dad-ing but probably not along your line of thought! Are you a left or right handed saluter? Live long and prosper.


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