Posted by: Bruce | February 9, 2015

Tony Abbott P.M. – the thrills and spills of leadership.

The swinging voterFrom my stuffed political armchair, a few gems for me to ponder.

Today, the first day back in Parliament school, will start with a leadership vote. Not the best kick-off for Tony Abbott and the mature, sensible Liberal Government we were promised only 17 months back.

It’s kind of like a little election really, but for Liberals only.

He made a ‘Captains’ call’ to dub Prince Philip, Sir (backfired). He made another ‘Captains call’ to bring forward (by a day) the leadership vote which will determine if he’s in, out or on probation.

I think he’s still trying to take the intiative. An unplanned day with some angst and insecurity, how will the day end?

My points of ponder;

– Tony Abbott P.M. states often that he shouldn’t be turfed because that’s what Labour did to Kevin Rudd. Is that a sound reason for keeping him in the job?

– Are his colleagues, cabinet and backbenchers worried about the direction Abbott has been taking Australia, or worried about losing their jobs?

Word for today;      Karma – or is it Ying and Yang?

More to come;   same blog time, same blog channel.

News flash;   Tony Abbott survives leadership spill.



  1. I was thinking of you this morning, Bruce. I knew you’d be plumping up that stuffed armchair and having your say. Abbot has made it this time as I’m sure you know by now but it’s only a reprieve. The Libs are a bunch of nozzles as is he opposition. What you have to consider is not only the nozzles on the other side of the divide, but also the choice of said Liberal nozzles that are left to lead us once Abbot is gone and the consequences. I’ve overdone that word, I know, but it’s my buzzword for the month. Perhaps I’ll resurrct it at the next election. It’s my alternative to swearing.


    • Good points Mary. I think Malcolm Turnbull is quietly waiting in the wings to not catch Tony Abbott when he falls. He seems to be popular but he has his own ideas, some of which cost him the leadership when in opposition.


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