Posted by: Bruce | February 4, 2015

Hot Aussie politics take-away: Tony AND Joe to go.

The swinging voterFrom my stuffed political armchair I watched with some amazement, the current level of leadership woes besetting the Abbott Liberal Government.

The rumblings of leadership discontent were there, have been for some time; but not spilling into the streets and heading for the drain.

It looks, without divine intervention, like a Canberra snowball to the bottom for Tony Abbott P.M.  Prince Philip’s Knighthood nomination the solid little kernel at the centre of the snowball.

I can’t believe the last elections were only September 2013. The next week or so will be interesting, although bad for Australia. We don’t need this self inflicted crap from the Federal Government.

Tony Abbott should smarten up, so should his colleagues. They are part of the problem. It shouldn’t have gone this far. Julie Bishop should have given some straight talk, not smarmy hedging.

If Tony Abbott has to go, then so does Joe….. Joe Hockey that is. His out of touch attitude matches the P.M.’s.

Tony AND Joe to Go.

Word for today;    Politics — changing.

More to come;    same blog time, same blog channel.




  1. I’m too tired to have an opinion, worth a damnBruce. I’m sitting in a hospital room, keeping my mum company. What I’m thinking is that we tend vote for personalities, not policies. And even when we do try to weigh the options, it doesn’t help. Whoever’s in power, we end up paying the price for their or their colleague’s incompetence.


    • Tired or not, that’s a pretty good opinion Mary.
      I’m sorry to hear that you’re at, or were at the hospital. I hope things aren’t too bad and that your Mum is okay.
      Also Mary, I won’t be offended if you don’t hit the like button or comment on a post of mine. That applies whether you’re tired or not. You don’t even have to read them! When or if it suits you, that’s totally fine with me.
      Look after yourself Mary.


      • Thanks Bruce. I didn’t mean that I was too tired to comment as much as I was too tired to care what those idiots were up to. We get worked up about IThese latest issue and vote them out but we never get rid of those cockroaches. I love your posts, Bruce.


      • Thanks Mary, I hope your Mum’s okay.


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