Posted by: Bruce | December 23, 2014

Old MacDonald had a farm – E. I. E. I. Oh.

It should be Old MacDahmer because Dahmer is Danish and these dastardly doings despoil Denmark.

Good news for animal lovers and thankfully…… not good for lovers of animals.

Sex with animals outlawed in Denmark. Food and agricultural Minister for Denmark, Dan Jorgensen said that in the majority of cases it is an attack on the animal. I’d never have guessed. The scary thought is what he didn’t say; that some animals are willing participants?

Truth is stranger than fiction.

Word for today;   Weird…. people who like animals a little too much.

More to come;     same blog channel



  1. First good laugh I’ve had this year. Maybe it’s an omen? I liked the pictures too.


    • Glad you had a laugh Mary. It is really funny despite being weird and serious. The mind just boggles on this topic.


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