Posted by: Bruce | December 21, 2014

G20 Summit, Australia 2014; no wrinkled shirts as Putin eyeballs Fraser Island.

G20 Brisbane Aust. image bbc.comI happened to be listening to talk back radio in the car on a particular morning (John Laws show) and was prompted to pen just a few thoughts of wonder. At this gathering of world leaders in Brisbane, our P.M. apparently put his foot in it a little but I’m not fussed there. It shows what things were on his mind at the time; something must be getting through I suppose. Chesty bonds-image flickrhivemind.netWhat I mostly wondered about was P.M. Tony Abbott and President Vladimir Putin shirt fronting each other, an interesting image to conjure. Also, I wonder at Putin attending and mingling with other world leaders knowing that most of them don’t want him there. What would you say to him anyway? ” G’day Vladi, annexed any interesting countries lately?” Talk about thick skinned, but perhaps that’s just how he likes it. I think he’s quietly laughing at everyone. Considering he’s annexed (invaded) Crimea, is in the process of invading Ukraine and continues (how?) to hold a seat in the United Nations Security Council, he still manages to be a part of important decisions affecting the rest of us. Pretty weird. Fraser Island wikapaediaFinally I wondered about the Russian warships tailing him. He might go for Fraser Island I thought, or perhaps Lord Howe Island. I hope the Navy is watching. Doesn’t he trust us? As for what was said on radio; a caller speaking to John Laws thought it a good idea to have the Russian warships dock at Brisbane or Sydney and enjoy our hospitality. ‘They are probably just the same as the rest of us’ being one of the prompts for this welcome mat. John Laws thought it a good idea and that President Putin seemed to be a pretty good guy (or words to that effect). Russian warship- Are they nuts? Under ordinary circumstances, sure. But with Russia’s aggression/invasions attracting world condemnation, what a strange suggestion. That could only be seen as approval from Australia for Russia’s acts of aggression. President Putin would have been laughing all the way to his next annexation. As for the watching warships, Russia ventured they were here to test their range capacity to the Antarctic, in case of some climatic emergency. Well golly gee, how good is that. Pigs fly too. Word for today;      Truth – from Russia or the rest of the world? More to come;     same blog channel

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