Posted by: Bruce | December 13, 2014

Abbott and the Fellow – back door bastardry.

The swinging voterFrom my stuffed political armchair the telly told me of the latest strategy from Tony Abbott P.M. (Lib) to inflict his ‘it’s not a new tax’ G.P. tax. A visit to the family G.P. will soon cost more. Combined with Treasurer Joe Hockey’s plan to awaken the fuel excise tax…..

I stood and said ‘that’s bastardry’. I looked around, the room was empty. With no interest but mine, I decided to revisit the meaning of bastardry and the remembered description held fast for me.

My post title, Abbott and the Fellow, is alluding to Bud Abbott and Lou Costello, a comedy duo from days past. The Treasurer, ‘Just Two Beers’ Joe, takes the place of Costello. One of their skits, Who’s on first?, comes to mind. Everyone, except perhaps Abbott, gets pretty confused.

Libs cash cow for filling piggy bank - NoNeg ImageNo laughs though. The  Treasurer wants to thaw the indexed fuel excise tax (frozen by their exalted previous P.M. John Howard when the GST was imposed) and Tax ’em Tony wants the G.P. tax.

Both ran into problems with just about everyone and seem surprised. Treasurer Hockey didn’t think poor people would worry about the increased fuel tax because they don’t drive very much. He also said the $7.00 GP co-payment was nothing to worry about, just a couple of beers he said. P.M Abbott kept saying the GP co-payment wasn’t a new tax. Almost a laugh from both of them.

Sorry, but I'll have to check your money pressure while you're here.

Sorry, but I’ll have to check your money pressure while you’re here.

With typical politicians mindset, they don’t let go. The Treasurer is going to re-introduce the indexed fuel excise tax as a regulation, with twice yearly increases, the back door past parliament.

The P.M. has watered down the GP tax, as he should have, and if it’s blocked will introduce it as a regulation as well. To cap it off, the Family GP gets the dirty work of deciding who pays the GP tax.

They promised intelligent, mature, sensible, financial responsibility. All I’ve seen is the imposition of taxes come hell or high water. Pretty much any person can do that.

Words for today;      Bastardry ——- malicious or cruel behaviour.

G.S.T. ;      Goods and services tax.

More to come;     maybe same blog time, definitely same blog channel


  1. If pretty much anybody can do that, then what are we paying our pollies for? And how come your blog keeps unfollowing? Two mysteries of the ages.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t know Mary. I was hoping for some original thinking to help get the country’s bank balance in the black. Not to be apparently, so bring on the taxes and then spend it on paid parental leave schemes and their Direct Action Plan to cut the carbon crap. This lot no different to the rest.
      I don’t know about the unfollowing Mary, I was surprised to get the notifications. It’s not me doing it, that’s for sure. Maybe it’s something to do with the changes to the site? A couple of others that have been following for a year or two now show that they have been for 6 mths or so. A bit weird.
      I don’t like the new stats bit, what about you? I think I’ll put the unfollow bit in the feedback box.


      • Boy, you’re a lot more positive about pollies than I am if you believe, or even hope for original thinking from them.
        I don’t like the new stats either, but I’m getting used to the new system. Trouble is, that whenever I do adjust myself, something new comes up. I’d suggest that we are just a couple of old farts, but I suspect that you are younger than I am. 🙂
        (I’m keeping an eye on this following business. I just thought you were too busy to write for a while. I’m slowing down a bit.)


      • In my humble opinion Mary, the new stats system is not as informative as the old. It actually shows a little less detail and annoyingly, I have to keep scrolling down to find that out. The ‘old’ page, which was a new page not that long ago, is much better showing the same, or more, info at a glance across the whole screen. I feel like I have blinkers on when trying to match up the graph with the info below. Thumbs down from me on the presentation of the new stats.

        The unfollowing also has started only with the changes and me having to switch to Google Chrome to access the site.

        I also noticed, when plodding along with a post, that words highlighted with bold, didn’t show on the preview page, just gaps where the word was supposed to be. I had to go back to the ‘old’ editor bit.

        As for blogging, I have slowed down but might get the momentum up a little. Blogging can be time consuming depending on content.

        You and I Mary, are both young.


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