Posted by: Bruce | August 31, 2014

Russia intends taking Ukraine – Is Putin funding ISIL terrorism?

Russian President V. Putin intends taking Ukraine. That’s how I see it.

He is daring the rest of the world to stop him but he’s calculating it won’t happen.

Giving the world the finger: Russia's President V.Putin

Giving the world the finger: Russia’s President V.Putin

He has taken Crimea from Ukraine (for now) and other than a few words and sanctions, nothing happened. For the time being, he’s gotten away with it.

His manipulation of the world annoys the hell out of me. He is counting on the world not taking military action and being the goody two shoes; to work it out peacefully, the civilized way. And it’s working, in his favour.

His explanations of Russia’s actions appear empty, infantile and ridiculous, but he doesn’t care. It gives him a story to fall back on if he finds that his invasion won’t succeed. Playing the bully well.

If, eventually, he did withdraw from taking Ukraine, he would bargain with Crimea as a consolation prize. Apparently, the Russian population are in agreement with Putins’ actions in Ukraine. He is popular for having annexed (invaded) Crimea. That’s a worry.

As for ISIL or IS or whatever they call themselves, I can’t help but wonder if there is a connection between them and Putin.

Who is financing them, providing weapons and supplies? What about the timing of their actions? Are they mercenaries for hire providing a disgusting distraction for the world to deal with?

What will it take to stop Russia? Ukraine can’t, and shouldn’t, do it alone.

On the centenary of World War 1, Russia chooses to risk World War 3. Why?

Words for today;       Sanctions – starting with uranium (from Australia), everything should be cut off to Russia.

More to come;      same blog time, same blog channel.



  1. Bruce. It’s not soldiers to the left of us and soldiers to the right these days. Just underhanded goings on. Seems like old news now that we’re focussing on the Middle East and ISIS and jihadist recruiters here. Ah!! What’s the use. Let’s talk about something else. Bruce, you always end with ‘same blog time, same blog channel.’ I tune in now and again, hoping even if I’m already following.
    Hope all is well at your end.


    • Hi Mary, all is okay at my end and I hope the same goes for you. I might have to lose my ‘same blog time….bit’. I started that when I started my blog, kind of like the Batman show. I guess it’s all on the same channel but… I’ve been occupied with other stuff. I read (watched) your last post Mary, but forgot to go back for a like or comment, sorry. I was also in need of a little break from blogging I think. As it happens, I had started my next post when you commented. I am almost finished and hopefully it’s right up your alley. You’ve been quiet a little yourself?


      • Yes, Bruce, I’ve slowed right down. It’s a mix of life getting in the way and wanting not to hurry a piece into print. Am looking forward to your next post. All I’ve read so far have been up my alley.


      • Wow.


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