Posted by: Bruce | August 28, 2014

Tax ’em Tony and Just Two Beers Joe – they said what?

The swinging voterFrom my stuffed political armchair, a belated comment on some little things that count, at least for me.

When Treasurer Joe Hockey had the spotlight over the GP tax, a $7.00 co-payment when you visit your local family doctor, he dismissed the fuss as a sacrifice of just a couple of beers.

When Tony Abbott P.M. had a question and answer segment on radio he spoke with  a caller named Chantelle, a three (3) year contracted home and community care worker. He responded to her fear of unemployment at contracts end, by saying he had the same uncertainty in three years as well.

Some answers and examples given by Joe Hockey to illustrate the ‘insignificance’ of the GP tax are absolute shockers. Unbelieveably, he proposed that some parents wouldn’t take their sick kid to the doctor because they wouldn’t give up two cups of coffee (he changed symbols). An unforgettable performance.

A loaf or two of bread - NoNeg ImagingHe seems to have a pretty low, stereo-type opinion of low income earners. Has it occurred to Just Two Beers Joe that some people might use this $7.oo to buy……just two loaves of bread.

PM Tony Abbott can’t relate to Chantelle on a financial or job security level. Cheese and chalk.

Both the PM and the Treasurer have done well for themselves. They could retire tomorrow and never worry about paying a bill. Good luck to them.

But their answers are off. Better to have said nothing at all, especially Joe Hockey.

As a footnote; I think the Gov’t hopes that the GP tax of $7.00 will stop some people from visiting their doctor; inferring that some people are going when they shouldn’t. Public hospitals might now pick up some extras who will try to avoid the tax.
Word for today;       Empathy – the ability to identify with other people’s emotions.

More to come;     same blog time, same blog channel





  1. My dear Bruce, in order to have empathy one must first have a heart.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Straight to the point Mary. They certainly make a person wonder.


      • That’s the first time I’ve been accused of being straight to the point. Rather the reverse. 🙂


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