Posted by: Bruce | August 9, 2014

Russia’s sanctions on Australia; why the surprise?

The swinging voterFrom my stuffed political armchair comes surprise.

Surprise that the P.M. and others are shocked at Russia imposing santions on Australia and other Western countries.

Maybe I’m missing something here but wasn’t it common sense to expect this in response to Australia’s sanctions on Russia?

Russia’s President Putin has been saying this for ages; impose sanctions on us and Russia will respond with it’s own sanctions. Now he’s done it.

President Putin does not give a stuff about anyone or anything except his own agenda; and only he knows that. He might be a warmonger but he isn’t necessarily all stupid. He knows as well as anyone, how to hurt another country economically. It’s been used historically against Russia time after time for various reasons. Maybe Putin is out for revenge.

The sanctions war is just starting, there is going to be a price to pay and our farmers are going to take a beating. These are scary times and it all goes back to Russia.

I wonder if the Russian people support Putin? If not, why not turf him out? Maybe they want to but can’t.

Word for today;     Sanction;   Two meanings – official approval for an action…

            ……or a threatened penalty for disobeying a law or rule.

More to come;     same blog time, same blog channel.





  1. Not sure that anyone is surprised, Bruce. We’re often turning a blind eye to injustices because to do otherwise would mean we pay a high economic price. It’s interesting, though, that the media is being most restrained about it’s criticism of these sanctions.
    I feel for the farmers, though. Someone is always shafting them.


    • I guess we all have different perceptions Mary. I think most of us ordinary plebs figured a sanction response from Russia was on the cards. But reading some of the headlines, ‘Australian gov’t slams export decision’ etc, you’d think Russia would have just said okay to sanctions.
      Maybe the media tried to keep it low profile as the PM did, until the investigation on the Malaysian aircraft in Ukraine was completed.
      This means, despite words to the contrary, that the PM expected retaliation sanctions as well. I certainly agree with you that blind eyes to injustices can be an economic decision.
      Now the worry is, where is this going to take us?


  2. The old Soviet Union seems to be coalescing again. I have no idea how the Russian people feel, but the government appears to miss the enormous power and intimidation it once wielded on the world stage.


    • Seems so. What I don’t understand Charles is that Russia ‘annexed Crimea’ and got away with it and figures he’ll keep on going into Ukraine. He might be stopped this time.
      The big worry is of course, if he keeps on going and Ukraine asks for help.
      The potential for war is simmering.


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