Posted by: Bruce | July 17, 2014

Wangi Wangi, Lake Macquarie – photos.

As I had trouble putting words together for my last blog entry, I figured some photos, from around Wangi Wangi, Myuna Bay, and Lake Macquarie State Conservation Area, might be of interest to some.

Not many words are necessary for this, but two subjects deserve a special mention.

The first is a small yellow fruity thing on a bush of sorts. Now the point of interest here is that I think this plant is a new discovery. I only noticed a thousand or so hanging around. Therefore, unless told otherwise, I’m naming it the Mellow Yellow, wround (pronounced wround) Wangi wonder nut. I think fruit bats eat them.

The second is a tree, a structure upon this tree, and animals within this structure.

The tree is pretty tall, I could hardly see the top. Probably around a kilometre in height; that’s right, a kilometre.

Running over this tree like varicose veins are what I thought might be tracks. I carefully rubbed away a small section and found that these structures are kind of surface tunnels, a covered highway if you will, and busy in this tunnel are lots of little bugs. It must take them forever to get to the top. If anyone knows the type of insect shown in the photo, please let me know. They repaired the damaged  roof section by the next day.

That’s it. The moral of the second story is; don’t scratch your back on tree veins. I hope you like the images.

Just a click on any pic will quickly present all images enlarged for easy viewing.

Words for today;    Images – there for the taking.

More to come;    same blog time, same blog channel



  1. I love your photos, Bruce. If I were a tourist, I’d be rushing right over to see the sights.


    • Thanks Mary, I’m glad you do. The Lake is not so inviting at the moment though with the cold winds and low temps. Bet you have your footy socks on tonight, Melbourne sounds like it’s copping it.


      • I don’t usually feel the cold, but I did yesterday. I’ would definitely have put on the footsie socks if I had them, Bruce.


  2. I love the bird and sailboat shots, Bruce — proof that both nature and man are capable of graceful design. No idea about the fruit or bugs, though.


    • You sound like a boat enthusiast Charles. One of the boats (Image No.24) is on my Flickr acct and, compared to others, attracts more views. Maybe it’s a vintage kind of boat?
      I’m glad you like the photos Charles but you don’t sound convinced about my discovering a new species of fruity things.
      Regards, Bruce


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