Posted by: Bruce | June 24, 2014

A different God in Sudan? Maybe not.

Meriam Yahya Ibrahim Ishag.

Meriam Ishag - image by is a name which belongs to a real person, a woman who has been sentenced to death by hanging for having committed apostasy; that is, abandoning her religion (Islam). She is also sentenced to 100 lashes for committing adultery by living with a Christian man; despite being married (legally) to him. Ishag states she is, and has always been, a Christian.

Ishag (27), is imprisoned in Sudan with her two children; one around 20 mths and a newborn which, with her legs in chains, she delivered in jail around a month ago. Chained when giving birth?

Meriam Ishag is contesting this conviction and sentence by the courts of Sudan; I hope she wins this fight for her life.

Apparently the death sentence is in breach of Sudan’s own Constitution and international human rights obligations.

If I understand correctly; a Muslim in Sudan (north) can be executed if they don’t want to be a Muslim anymore. Whether the choice is to have no religion at all or convert to another religion, appears to be beside the point. Apostasy, abandoning Islam, is punishable by death according to Sudan’s interpretation of Sharia law. Any man, woman or child born a Muslim can be nothing else.

The meaning of The Holy Quran - NoNeg imageSharia law also provides for the stoning to death of a person who commits adultery and cutting off the right hand of those found guilty of stealing. Both sickening, inhumane and incomprehensible punishments that still occur in more than one country.

If God created all, including the President of Sudan and the Judge who convicted her, then he also created Meriam Ishag.

And isn’t God about wisdom, compassion, patience, tolerance, kindness, guidance, peace, forgiveness, mercy and everything that is good?

If so, then what is happening here? Only humans can be so cruel.

It’s taken forever to write my few words above. I had so much to say but couldn’t put it together. In either case, before I finished; almost some good headlines for a change…..

Update:  August 1, 2014. Some good headlines. M/s Ishag arrives in U.S. See bottom link.

Update: Tuesday June 24, 2014;

It is reported that M/s Ishag has been released from prison.

Further info provided shows that Ishag with her husband and kids taken into some kind of custody at Khartoum Airport!


Word for today;      Religion   –    I’m almost speechless.

More to come;     same blog time, same blog channel



  1. […] A different God in Sudan? Maybe not. […]


  2. No wonder you had such a hard time saying what needed to be said without frothing at the mouth. You say you are speechless at such inhumanity, Bruce, that is an understatement.
    Ps I treated myself to an iPad yesterday as it was my mph, mph, birthday. I don’t know how to favourite on this thing, so in order make sure I know when you have posted I will be following you. You’re an absolute treasure.


    • I’ve been called a few things Mary but never a treasure. I’m almost speechless again. Thankyou for that and the follow. Happy Birthday for Saturday, I hope you had a great day and scored a present or two. Also hope the iPad is working out well for you; have you mastered it yet?


  3. I hadn’t heard about this story, Bruce, but is it any wonder? There must be thousands of similar situations going on, every day and all over the world. The gap between freedom of religion and being completely controlled by religion is a wide one. And once the government and the police are involved, any additional charge can be fabricated and then enforced. I hope the whole family ends up where they want to be.


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