Posted by: Bruce | May 24, 2014

Fire at Silverwater, Lake Macquarie (photos) – hazard reduction.

Around 4.15 pm this afternoon, smoke across the lake caught my eye; pretty impressive.

A couple of photos for the record and I checked later finding that the fire is a hazard reduction burn. (Click on a pic for quick, large images)

Word for today;    Smoke – gets in your eyes.

More to come:    same blog time, same blog channel



  1. Great photos Bruce! The contrast between the white of the smoke and the blue of the sky and water is really rather lovely. Glad it was a planned burn-off though. Hope you’re having a great weekend! 🙂


    • Thanks Jessica. Apart from the obvious fire, it was the blue and white contrast you mentioned that made me grab a few shots. My weekend is going okay, if not a little ordinary. Are you still in Istanbul and is the Topkapi Palace still open for visitors?


      • A quiet weekend never goes astray from time to time. Yes, we are back in Istanbul and we are planning to go to Topkapi Palace. It is still open to visitors, yes. Are they planning to close it?


      • Not that I know of Jessica. I went there once and wondered if it was still open. I remember swords and daggers with jewels, real Ali Barber and 40 thieves stuff.


  2. The white smoke and dark clouds create an interesting contrast. Do you know what they were burning?


    • It was a hazard reduction burn Charles so that’s usually undergrowth, grassy stuff, dead branches and anything else that will burn easily and quickly. After last summers fires here and in other parts of the country, they are doing some prevention work I guess. One life and a lot of property was lost. The area I live in, Lake Macquarie, has a lot of bush around and down to the edges of the lake. It’s a good idea; better to lose some greenery now than life later.
      When I took the photos it was a bit of a toss up as to whether I was concerned about the fire first or the photographic image. That’s not real good is it.
      According to my phone, it’s around 8.00 am in Montreal. I don’t know your area but I guess it still means your day is starting and mine is just finishing.
      Thanks for looking in Charles; I’ll be checking May 25 soon.
      Regards, Bruce


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