Posted by: Bruce | May 22, 2014

Tony Abbott PM – will next time he think, a nod’s as good as a wink?

The swinging voterFrom my stuffed political armchair I notice a mountain being built from a molehill.

Good grief, what a beat-up. Still, P.M. Abbott is only getting back what he gave out as Opposition Leader I guess.

Tax ’em Tony Abbott, P.M. has winked when fielding a phone call during a radio session to sell the budget.

Putting myself in his spot, and despite being a little worldly, I’m pretty sure if the caller told me she is a pensioner, a grandmother of 67 yrs and has to earn extra income as a phone sex worker, I reckon I’d at least raise an eyebrow.

Further, I’d probably forget what her call was about and be pretty well distracted by her occupation. Picturing a little grey haired granny spoiling her grandchildren somehow doesn’t match a phone sex worker laying on the detail for a cashed up caller in need. Was her voice appropriate? Was she babysitting sometimes when the phone rang?

Anyway, Tax ’em Tony says he made a mistake and will try not to do it again. He has made some others along with Just Two Beers Joe but that’s another post….. Meantime, the P.M might be able to get away with a nod or two if he can stifle the winking instinct.

(Monty Python;   a nod’s as good as a wink to a blind bat, know what I mean?)

Word for today;    Fluff and stuffa wink on Wednesday.

More to come;     same blog time, same blog channel




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