Posted by: Bruce | May 18, 2014

Federal Budget 2014 and exploding Australian taxpayers.

From my stuffed political armchair I decided now is the time for the following short video. I have been waiting for just such an event.

By event, I refer to the Federal Liberal Government’s Budget 2014.

At some point in the past, I recall that Australia liked to work from a sound base of health, education, law and order.

How it seems to work now appears totally removed from then. Perhaps that good, perhaps not.

Nevertheless, I wonder a little about us. Are we so hard to please, as people and voters, that governments of any persuasion have to pile on the taxes to satisfy our wants?

Or, is every government becoming less imaginative or more ambitious with their own agendas’?

The pattern is there; once voted in, hit the taxpayer fast so they’ll forget before the next election. If voters remember all the taxing, then they’ll be given some sweeteners (a refund if you like) to take to the ballot box.

P.M. Abbott has made former P.M Julia Gillard look like a saint, or at least Snow White, as far as backflips go. He said she lied about the carbon tax. Tax ‘Em Tony has left her for dead.

I often wonder about the pool of Australian taxpayers. Is there a limit, a threshhold to worry about?

The following video has two main players from Monty Python’s Meaning of Life film.

The big, big bloke represents the Australian taxpayer (blokes and blokettes) who just got to the rough end of a pineapple. The waiter (John Cleese) represents Tax ‘Em Tony trying to stick one last little tax (a thin mint) into him. That’s how I see this work of art.

There is an ‘F bomb’ here so you are now warned. For the waiter I think it apt.


Word for today;    Humour – can be serious

More to come;    same blog time, same blog channel


  1. I’ve made several responses to your post, Bruce. I’m feeling quite feral. Are you right, do you think about us being bribed by a handful of sweeteners? Time will tell, I suppose. I know it’s the tradition, but our PM and treasurer have truly shafted us all. Their policies are creating an underclass. I refuse to believe that people are so stupid.


    • Feral away Mary. As for being right, I don’t know. If our population demands more and more services and benefits, maybe getting greedy, then more taxes follow and we can’t really argue.

      When a party gets into government, they are usually biting at the bit to get their own policies up and running (eg. generous parental leave scheme) and hit the taxpayer fast and hard. I really do think the pollies hope voters will forget; some do, but most don’t. What will we hear from the Libs when the next election looms? All kinds of promises, probably some tax cuts! If they are kicked out, a lot of their policies are left in place.

      The argument from the Libs at the moment is that Labour left a financial mess. There is probably some truth in this, however I think Tax ’em Tony and Joe the Hatchet man have siezed this as their cover story to justify the taxes and get what they want. The trouble with this is; they didn’t make a big fuss at the time Labour was in and the Global Financial crisis was on.

      I agree with you Mary about the creation of an underclass and being shafted. It really grinds away as an insult when those in politics, many of whom have never experienced the worry of not being able to pay a bill, say that the $7 co-payment is just a couple of beers. It’s not just the co-payment people are being hit with. There’s a case or two of beer when all the ‘beers’ are tallied.

      Sitting back and thinking on the government when under Rudd then Gillard and now Abbott, I’m feeling more cynical by the day. I’ve heard the term ‘tag team’ government and I’m wondering if that’s what’s happening now.

      Thanks for your thoughts Mary. I better cease before I become a total bore. The exploding version I go for is based on yet another tax being forced down our throats.


  2. Ps, have you always had the like button?


    • I think so but now you’re creating doubt for me to deal with. Oops, I just finished a sentence with the preposition with.


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