Posted by: Bruce | May 6, 2014

Lake Macquarie, Tuesday May 6, 2014

From Dobell Drive, Lake Macquarie this crispy morning. Clear, cloudy or clappy today? Click on a pic for fast large images.


Word for today;     Images…there for the taking

More to come;    same blog time, same blog channel



  1. clappy?


    • That’s crappy with an L Mary. I thought I’d go for a trifecta of cl’s, avoid actually writing the word crappy and, see if anyone noticed. You did, which required a response and now I’ve written ‘crappy’ six times which is a bit naughty and daring, tsk tsk. To go a little further with this Mary, I thought my alliteration was amazing and spared the innocent eyes and minds of any young net surfers who might stumble upon this blog and saw the word crappy. I really shouldn’t have said crappy so many times, should I? (You are now counting how many times I’ve said crappy).


      • I have done some editing in my time so couldn’t help but notice (although I’ve been quite sloppy lately in my haste to publish my posts). Don’t worry about those innocents. They know worse words than crappy. If you’ve read my’ F is for far out post’ you’d realise that it is we who are the innocents.


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