Posted by: Bruce | April 28, 2014

Tony Abbott’s Direct Action Policy – a tax by any other name.

From my stuffed political armchair, a thought or two on Tony Abbott P.M. and his governments Direct Action Plan or Policy.

Image by’ll start with Federal government’s (Lib/Nat) recent decisions to not provide financial aid to two Australian companies, SPC and Qantas.

Both companies, caps in hand, sought assistance to continue trading, be competitive and retain it’s current workforce.

qantas - a Google imageA big NO was the only thing in their lunch box when they got home.

Car manufactures in Australia have also copped the same treatment and are slowly packing their bags to go home overseas.

When it comes to the Governments answer to climate change it’s White Knight, to knock out the evil Carbon Tax (Lab), is it’s Direct Action Plan.

The Government plans to pay industry polluters to reduce their emissions. Boy, that sounds weird. Isn’t that a little like a blank cheque? Maybe I should buy some shares in these companies. Who owns these companies, who has an interest or two in them? The mind boggles.

LaurelScratchingHeadSmallAnd, the money required can only come from the taxpayer. When the piggy bank for the polluters starts to rattle then money has to be siphoned from somewhere.

Was that Flag Flying by the Abbott Gov’t last week ruling out increasing the GST?

I’m no card sharp but I see a shuffle around of similar things with a different name.

BBH confidence rating for Direct Action Plan


Words for today;    Strings – There had better be some good ones attached to this scheme.

More to come;    same blog time, same blog channel



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