Posted by: Bruce | March 31, 2014

Rainbow Lorikeets and a sunset – Lake Macquarie

March 19, 2014 was a bit of a mixed bag weather wise, but I cast my fate to the wind, risked life and limb and walked late in the arvo. Luckily the two images below presented themselves.

In the first, I did my best Sir David Attenborough impersonation while trying to capture the birds sitting atop a snapped off tree trunk. I’m fairly happy with the image of the Rainbow Lorikeets, my voice imitation needs serious work. The second, hard to miss a sunset like this.


Rainbow Lorikeets Lake Macquarie

Rainbow Lorikeets Lake Macquarie

Sunset Lake Macquarie looking past Eraring.

Sunset Lake Macquarie looking past Eraring.

Words for today;       Rainbow Lorikeets – Seems the right name for them.

More to come;    same blog time, same blog channel



  1. Opportunities always present themselves when you’re looking for them. I find I pick up on things, often subconsciously, now that I am a writer (or think of myself as a writer.) When you said the weather was a bit of a mixed bag, Bruce, I thought for a minute that you may have been paying Melbourne a visit.


    • I’ve had the Melbourne experience a few times Mary and it seems to get colder than where I live. Nothing like carrying around extra clothes to cover the changes.


      • Oh, yes. Sometimes I’m mistaken for the bag lady. 🙂


  2. The colors in those birds are impossibly intense. Beautiful.


    • An excellent description Charles. I think using the flash helped a little though; I couldn’t do it in the available light. Nevertheless, the colours are rich and in sunlight, great to see. There’s quite a lot of these in the area I live but not always close and co-operative for the camera.


  3. Finally figured out his “comment” thing so I’ll be dropping by more often. Brilliant photography by the way, Bruce.


    • Thanks for that Hai. I’m very glad you conquered the comment thing.


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