Posted by: Bruce | March 23, 2014

Age gracefully, not likely – Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison.

A little bit of Saturday, March 22.

Wangi Point Caravan Park

Every now and then………..and it’s not my fault…….

Today I sat for a while at a fish cleaning table. I wanted pelican feet.

On the way to the fish cleaning table I spotted a guy washing his early model, but elegant, Rolls Royce on the footpath. I also spotted a colourful inflatable jumping castle rising above a fence. Looks as though a kid is having a party today and the weather is just right. Fleetingly, I pictured a kid or two bouncing over the fence, good till the end.

Webbed feet photographed (adding to previous post on pelicans), I stopped at the shop on the way home for lunch. A vicious time at the bread board was coming and I had to be prepared. Away from the shops a little and stopped, about to turn right.

A young couple walking, crossed in front (with fluffy dog) and continued towards the shoreline pathway. I really only noticed the young woman. Don’t look. Too late, I looked.


That’s the word Roy Orbison sings at the end of the first verse in Pretty Woman. Mercy. It was the only word that came to mind.

Back to the bread board.

Words for today:    Flak jacket………I’m not sure, but it may come in handy after hitting the publish button.

More to come:    same blog time, same blog channel


  1. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with appreciating beauty, Bruce!


    • I think the same but I’m glad to hear that from you Bri. I’m a bit of a sucker for the femme fatale but can’t exactly tap the shoulder and say so. I’m also glad we don’t have thought bubbles.


      • If we had thought bubbles, I would be screwed!

        I also appreciate a femme fatale, and have been known to go into creepy stares when I espy someone particularly pretty.

        My Angelina Jolie admiration bordered on obsession in my teenage years, haha.


      • You and me both on the thought bubbles Bri. It’s hard to not stare at someone that totally grabs your attention. Mercy. And Angelina Jolie was/is a bit of a hottie.


  2. I agree, Bruce, we.all appreciate beautiful things and beautiful people.


    • And we all have our own idea of what attracts us.
      It’s kind of interesting blogging it Mary. I can’t see me being able to say it personally; I’d probably get the middle finger.
      And it’s unlikely that the young lady I wrote about will read the post and wonder if she is the subject. I hope she does though and accepts it as a compliment.


  3. I hope the flak jacket wasn’t necessary, Bruce. But what’s this about pelican feet?


    • Not necessary so far Charles. I wondered though, given I stepped a little out of my safety zone of keeping some things to myself. With the exception of a few friends who know of my blog, I have no idea if anyone in my area is aware of it. I think I’m safe for a while!
      As for the pelican feet, my previous post is photos of the good old pelican. I decided to add some extras and in particular, pelican feet; ….and some seagull feet. I added a few words to the post in case another reader might be left wondering what I meant. Thanks for the question and thanks for reading Charles.


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