Posted by: Bruce | March 16, 2014

A pelican in profile – Lake Macquarie

Just a few images of a pelican closer up. Hair style, eye contact and sharp, hooked bill.

I wondered if he was a Canadian pelican leaving the blizzards behind. This one had an Aussie accent though, said he was from North Qld and soon flying back for the winter.

I’d never noticed the ‘nails’ on these birds. The pelicans have four (4) ‘fingers’, the seagulls three (3) with a stubby one at rear of foot.

Click on a pic for larger images that are easy on the eye and look as they should.

Word for today;   Pelican – a big bird with big hook on the end of a big bill.

More to come;    same blog time, same blog channel



  1. Aren’t they beautiful? Lovely images, Bruce!


    • Thanks Bri. I know they’re everywhere, including the local tip, but worth a look up close. I’ll add another shot or two I think, particularly one of their feet.
      Just listening to a soundtrack of “cast you fate to the wind”. Bit of trivia for you.


      • They’re great shots you have here, would love to see more!

        My trivia is that I’m listening to The Simpsons playing in the background, haha!


      • Excellent trivia and I’ve added a few more images, feet mostly.


      • ohhhh they’re lovely!

        also, haha we’ve always spoken about my sister’s clod-hoppers… it’s so good to see that term in writing!


      • I’m happy you like the foot shots, and clod-hoppers.


  2. I think they’re great shots too, Bruce, Always are. I’d like a squiz at those feet, Those beaks remind me a bit of me – big enough mouth to put a foot in, most days.
    So, how can you tell about the Aussie accent? Woz he asking you to toss a shrimp on the barbie?


    • I think he woz Mary, The clincher was him telling the pelican next to him to bugg.. off.
      As for foot in mouth, I also suffer from foot in mouth from time to time.
      I’ve added a few more images, feet etc, for more squizzing (is it one or two z’s?)


      • Two z’s Bruce, as in Squizzing Taylor. 🙂 (As you can tell, Im in a silly mood).


      • Nothing wrong with silly moods Mary.


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