Posted by: Bruce | January 28, 2014

Newcastle Knights Russell Packer; to the real sin-bin and sacked.

Russell Packer - January 6, 2014 Newcastle Knights recruit Russell Packer was sentenced to two (2) years jail after pleading guilty to assault causing actual bodily harm and, failing to quit a venue.

This news item had my attention starting with the Court jailing Packer, a rugby league professional.

Having read more details the following are standouts to me.

1/ What is in a person that makes them capable of kicking, then stomping on another persons face and head when they are down and lying on the ground?

2/ Packers defence solicitors, caught by surprise at the jail sentence, responded  that this offence wasn’t in the category of ‘king hits’ which are currently headlining around Australia. An appeal is to be lodged against the sentence.

3/ Newcastle Knights coach Wayne Bennett is quoted as saying high profile people get treated differently to unknowns.

Russell Packer  - for No.1:  No idea. There is nothing remotely brave, professionl or sporting about Packers violence.

No. 2:  Do Packers defence solicitors know how bad their response sounds, to me anyway? Have they forgotten what Packer did? I think stomping on a guys face and head, after punching him to the ground, is at least up there with the brutality and danger of those who ‘coward punch’ or ‘king hit’ unknowing targets.

Magistrate Greg Grogan has ruled for the Court and community. Given the offence I would have been surprised if Packer walked.

No.3;    Wayne Bennett, who sounds like a good guy, might be right. He might also be very wrong.

It’s hardly news that a small number of high profile footballers think they are different, legends in their own minds and can act with an immunity that unknowns don’t possess.

Given the reaction by Packer, his solicitors and Bennett himself to the Court ruling; maybe they are the ones with unrealistic expectations.

Hopefully, the victim of Packer’s stomping is fully recovered. Scary stuff.

Links to more information; the first relates the ugly details of the assault.

Word for today;    Comprehend;    Stomping a persons head?….I can’t.

More to come;     same blog time, same blog channel.


  1. Bruce, we’re too keen to understand and excuse or at least justify why people behave as they do. I don’t care if it’s because they’ve had a terrible childhood or if they think that being high profile celebrities makes them above the law. I only care that people who do harm pay the price. A heft jail term for each and every one.


    • I agree Mary. I’ll be following it a little if I can, to see if this guys appeal gets him out of jail. The subject of ‘special treatment’ is open for argument. Thanks for looking.


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