Posted by: Bruce | January 21, 2014

Justice or joke? Derryn Hinch Vs ex-magistrate Simon Cooper.

Derryn Hinch, media personality. Like him or not, he puts his money where his mouth is.

jail for hinch ( time he is to be jailed for not paying a fine imposed for contempt of court. It’s not his first time either. $100,000 or 50 days behind bars. That he’s broken the law isn’t disputed; it’s the dispensing of justice by the court system that boils the blood.

Hinch’s crimes include naming pedophiles in defiance of a court order suppressing such details. I know there will be sound reasons for procedure and contempt provisions regarding our courts. It’s also necessary to enforce breaches of law. Herein lies the incredulous actions of the Judges in our courts who don’t comprehend what the community sees them doing; or in this case, not doing.

Hinch is to be jailed because he has upset those who are the Courts; the judges. He hasn’t sexually assaulted anyone, killed anyone, robbed a bank or whatever. He defied a court order and is to be jailed for not paying a fine.

Ex magistrate Simon Cooper

Ex magistrate Simon Cooper

Okay; well done Court system; well done Judges. If that is all dandy and you’re happy Hinch is to be jailed, then what the hell is ex- Magistrate Simon Cooper doing walking the streets? Cooper sexually assaulted two teenage sons of a friend and then became a ‘respectable’ magistrate. Cooper did not own up to his serious crimes and continued to fool and laugh at society from his bench. He had to be taken to court by his victims.

Cooper walked over and away from his victims, no fine, no jail and with the blessing and sympathy of the courts because the poor bugger had a fall from grace. What a load of crap. Judge Norrish is wrong here, big time. His decisions on Cooper have mimicked the hypocritical Catholic Church, the haven for paedophiles. It displays favouritism and hypocracy in the face of community expectations.

With all due respect, the Judges in the case of Hinch and Cooper should get together and try to realise what we see. Hinch taken on as an easy target, Cooper let off as one of the boys. Stuff the victims.

Contempt of court? Cooper was a magistrate for years, the epitome of contempt of court.

Justice, not on your life. Joke? Definitely, although very sick.

Update; Hinch released after 50 days in prison;

Words for today;          Incredulity……..cannot believe or accept.

More to come;      same blog time, same blog channel


  1. Bruce, am not a fan of Hinch, he’s an arrogant son of a gun. In this case I agree with you.


    • Got it Mary.


      • He stands up & says what all of weaklings are too frieghtened to say, Thank God there is someone out there to speak up like he does…..WHY shouldn’t all those mongrel Pedeophiles be named & shamed? .Go Derryn!!!


      • No doubt a Derryn Hinch fan. I’m definitely with you on this one. Thanks for taking the time to leave your thoughts Denise. Regards Bruce.


  2. Is there a lot of public outrage over these two situations? Or have most people not put them together, as you have?


    • Regarding the ex-magistrate Simon Cooper, yes on the outrage. As for Derryn Hinch, not so much. Geographically Charles these two subjects are located in Victoria (about an hours flight by jet from my area in NSW). Given the distance, there is a bit of ‘not in our patch’ response I think.
      I don’t know if others have put the two together. Initially I just couldn’t ignore the contrast of justice, then after a little more reading found some unfortunate irony in respect of Derryn Hinch.
      Cooper, guilty of sexual assault, has been the subject of criticism in the media by Derryn Hinch. Hinch is to jailed for not paying a fine for contempt of court, while Cooper continues to sleep in his own bed.
      Doesn’t seem right to me.


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