Posted by: Bruce | November 28, 2013

Edward Snowden whistleblower; thanks for nothing. But wait, there’s more?

Australia and Indonesia;  no more BFF.

Australia and Indonesia; no more BFF.

Thanks to you sport, Australia now has a proportion of the Indonesian population hating us, burning our flags and declaring war.

Whatever lofty ideals, if any, prompted your course of action, I can’t agree with them. There must be a better way. You are going to get someone hurt, maybe someone you know.

And it appears there’s a lot more to go; so get on with it, do the job properly. Drop the lot, stop causing trouble bit by bit. What’s the point?

Demonstration against Australia and the PM.

Demonstration against Australia and the PM.

Bit over the top I think. Indonesian haters burning the Aussie flag.

Bit over the top I think. Indonesian haters burning the Aussie flag.

Your host country, Russia, spys on Australia; so what else is new? You must know that anyway. And, somewhere in your trouble pack will most likely be references to Indonesia spying on Australia.

Has it not occurred to this guy, the irony of Russia granting him asylum? Home of the G.R.U. (Russia’s foreign intelligency agency), it’s from this setting he is the Night in Shining Armour distributing piecemeal trouble obtained by acting as a spy himself.

History may prove him justified, but in the meantime?

Whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Whistleblower Edward Snowden.

It also looks as if Indonesia is proposing a solution to diplomatic issues. A code of ethics for spying. A good idea although it sounds a little weird.

Words for today;      Indonesian flag burners and war mongers.

I doubt Australians would declare war or burn flags over this issue, if reversed.

More to come;     same blog time, same blog channel.



  1. Edward Snowden’s in Russia, isn’t he? Same place that Colin Russell, greenpeace terrorist was incarcerated. Is there a lesson to be learned there?


    • Yes, Snowdens in Russia. That’s what I put in my post. Some irony here, the host country for a whistleblower on spying is Russia. Doesn’t that cause Snowden to ponder? Seems to me he is now as complicit as the system he criticises. As for a lesson, there’s probably a few Mary. I’d say the standout to me is; don’t stuff with Russia as they aren’t politically correct. Thanks for commenting.


      • That’s the standout to me too, Bruce. I’m sure that Greenpeace terrorists will stick to safe territory from now on. Merry Christmas, Bruce.


      • Yeah; you’d reckon they’d think twice about publicity ratings versus life lost in prison. Merry Christmas to you too Mary.


      • Dear Bruce, another five followers this week. One of them didn’t even ‘visit’ as there is no stat for him and no comment. I do really want to know that I’m writing for someone other than myself. That’s why I appreciate the handful of people who do visit and who do comment. Merry Christmas to you, Bruce and peace for us all in the new year. Hugs, Mary


      • Hi Mary, I get way more visits than Likes or comments. For me, getting Likes and comments is icing on the cake and makes things a bit more personal. However, if I know that there are lots of hits as well, I’m happy.
        I’m not sure how good a blogger I’d be if I had lots of comments to answer! Most of my blog time is spent writing.
        I like getting your comments Mary, I’m just a little slow to reply sometimes.
        Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too and how’s the other project going?


      • The other project is slow as a wet week, Bruce thanks for asking. There’s too much getting in the way right now. I’m going to wait till my granddaughters go back home.
        I’m limiting my comments these days because of time constraints. But knowing how much work goes into the writing, if I visit, I like to comment.


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