Posted by: Bruce | November 25, 2013

A$AP Rocky slaps girl at Sydney’s Hordern Pavillion – ‘I’m a slapper not a rapper’.

I hit girls. I'm so cool.

I hit girls. I’m so cool.

Today is White Ribbon Day Australia, just right for this post.

If the video and story is accurate, does anyone know if this guy, real name Rakin Mayers, has had to front NSW Police? Have there been charges laid, has the girl he solidly slapped, spoken about it? She is someone’s sister, girlfriend, daughter, wife or even a young mum. Where’s the rest of the story?

It makes me mad just looking at it. What’s he supposed to be good at? Rapping or slapping? Did he just finish his shows and leave with no statement, no consequences? Fly off and dismiss the girl he belted? Take the money and run?

Goodbye slapper

Goodbye slapper

Got news for this goose. He can be the best clapper, rapper or whatever in the world, but it doesn’t make him a good person. All I see is an arrogant pig hitting a girl as if he has a right to do so and people will still pay to see him.

Next time sport, try hitting a guy and see where that gets you… That’s right, you’d be a rapper down the crapper; the perfect place for a little shit like you.

Don’t hit our girls, don’t hit any girls. Don’t come back…wanker.

Words for today;    White Ribbon Day Australia – stop violence against women

More to come;     same blog time, same blog channel.


  1. I must have missed that item, Bruce. I don’t like violence no matter where it’s directed and I don’t like rap because (and I’m not an expert) it seems to me that a lot of it is full of violent lyrics. You’re right, we don’t want that sort back.


    • Mary, it bugs me that this grub, full of his own imagined importance, gets away with hitting the girl. If it was me on the street doing that, I’d be arrested. I wonder who the girl is and why she doesn’t speak up? Maybe she has but it’s not newsworthy anymore? I also bet that plenty of fans of this goose won’t be worried in the least that the girl was slapped; they’ll probably say she deserved it.


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