Posted by: Bruce | October 26, 2013

Fannie Mae and Mae, today.

Amazing, but this is life; the little things.

October 25. Around 6.30pm this evening I was driving along Maitland Rd from Hexham way. The pointy end of my car was nearing Sandgate. Listening to 2nur fm 103.7, Kev Kellaway was presiding and it was the Sixties at 6. I like this segment strictly for educational purposes, definitely not because I remember this stuff. I’m way younger than that.

buster brown a Google imageAnyway, although concentrating severely as a good driving citizen should, some information filtered through about the next track, Fanny May. To be frank (or Ernest if you’d rather), it was the name that caught my attention. I then heard the name Buster Brown, one big hit only, almost 50 yrs of age, R&B (rhythm and blues), harmonica. Okay, ears were set for something new.

I liked it pretty much straight away and envied those that can play a harmonica. After a few finger tapping seconds I wondered on the spelling of the title, visualising Fanny May. After just a few more seconds, a car slowly passed on my right (3 lanes). When beside me but a little in front, I checked it out as I mostly tend to do. The windows looked a little tinted but I figured the driver to be a female with longish, straight black hair. I didn’t see much of her face. The tinting made her a little mysterious, aloof and totally immune to the earth shattering mystery about to unfold at 75 kph in the car beside her. This leads to the incredible, life changing, trivia….

The car, a shiny, darkish grey Toyota Corolla Ascent (I think) sported MAE *** on black and white plates. The numbers I know, but I think it’s not right to stick them here.

Firstly I thought it a prompt that Fanny May was really Fanny Mae. Then I wondered if Fanny was Fannie. More than anything though, I wondered at the timing of this car passing me and displaying the plate with MAE ***  as the track was playing and I was speculating. Seems my speculating was just beginning as Mae moved away.

Was the plate saying ‘It’s spelled MAE you dummy” ? Is the mysterious woman driving this car named Mae or are the letters random? Was she listening to the same radio station? Were others listening as well and noticed her plate? Mae West is the only Mae I know of and I don’t think she’s real. The thoughts rolled on as I spotted the car here and there; she wasn’t a speed maniac.  When she turned off 5 minutes of so later around Wallsend way, I realised the mystery Mae never be resolved but I would find out about Buster Brown when I got home.

From Wikipedia; Buster Brown, an American blues and Rythm and Blues singer best known for his hit ‘Fannie Mae’. (August 15, 1911 – January 31,1976).


I really hope the owner of the Corolla with the number plate MAE *** will see this and let me know if her first name is Mae. That will solve part of my mystery.

Word for today:     Mystery

Something not fully understood or baffles or eludes understanding.

More to come;   same blog time, same blog channel.



  1. My Heinemann dictionary, 1978 publication, says that probability is a ‘measure of chance expressed as the ratio of the number of the favourable outcomes to the total number of outcomes.’ Usually when I come across a freaky coincidence I call it freaky. I like sixties music too and I even smiled at your Frank / Earnest joke. Bruce, I suspect that we are similar in age.


    • I’ll go with freaky too. As for that number plate I’d really like to know if it’s a name or random letters. Looked like personal plates but you never know. I hope you didn’t mind too much, smiling at my joke and as for the 60’s music; I’ll just put on record that I will not age ‘gracefully’.


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