Posted by: Bruce | October 17, 2013

Heatherbrae fire and others around Newcastle – images

All images taken late this afternoon (October 17th); some drive-by observations from Tanilba Bay to Wangi Wangi area.

The fires had changed for the worse since I passed through just before lunch. The Masonite Rd fire had escalated and Newcastle Airport was to be closed, nearby residents being evacuated. The fire in the Catherine Hill Bay area had also jumped out of control and Pacific Highway closed at Swansea.

Radio 2NUR gave out constant updates and advice on road conditions. I thought they managed pretty well. Road closures forced a lot of traffic together and some were in for a long drive home.

There had even been a fire across the Pacific Highway where Masonite Rd hits the roundabout near Raymond Terrace. The ground was still smoking. Power had been down and further into Newcastle a retirement village near Glendale was threatened but kept out of trouble by firefighters. Some residents watched from across the road.

On November 20, 2013 I passed the same spot and took a few update shots. If you click on a picture you’ll quickly get large images.

Word for today:    Chaos – a condition of great disorder or confusion.

More to come;    same blog time, same blog channel.


  1. It sounds as if you live nearby, Bruce. Hope you and yours are okay. Lemon Tree Passage Road, what a wonderful name and an awful image that you’ve posted.


    • Hi Mary; the drive was on my way home from my Mums. The damage I photographed was done a few days earlier but other, huge fires were raging in different spots on the way back. They had become worse from the time I’d passed through earlier and then had to return. Lemon Tree Passage is at the end of the road, whose name you like. It is a picturesque spot. Thankfully, my area was okay. As for the images, the damage done isn’t great to look at. Nearby a couple of homes had been destroyed. I didn’t try to photograph them; too much like rubber-necking.


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