Posted by: Bruce | October 12, 2013

Tony Abbott P.M., warns of icing on the wedding cake.

Pig wedding cake - a Google image

During the Icing Age

“………so now last and definitely least, on behalf of the Bride and Groom, I want to thank all Aussie taxpayers. If not for amazing travel allowance provisions funded by taxpayers, most of the ‘close friends from Canberra’ wouldn’t have made the effort to get here”.

This little snippet taken from a speech by the Best Person where one, both or neither of the happy couple is a Federal politician. Political correctness was sidestepped by not picking a Best Man or Best Woman and feeling relieved, the couple then looked at ways of claiming travel allowance to and from their own wedding. They reasoned it was a work related expense as they had to be there to network with their ‘friends’ from Canberra. Sure, sounds good; let’s give it a whirl.


With a bit of assistance from the press using the term ‘travel expenses scandal’, politicians in Australia are under fire for claiming travel expenses to fund matters of a personal nature; eg a wedding in India for someone they don’t know. (10,000 guests! Is it true?)

P.M. Tony Abbott has kind of warned… ‘Ah, ah, ah, this is not The Icing Age. If you lot can’t tell who your friends are then, then pay up. You, ah ah, can’t have your cake and eat it too’.

Empty chairs at garden wedding - a Google image

Struth! I guess our ‘friends’ just couldn’t afford to get here.
(Post Icing Age)

BBH conclusion;

Tony Abbott is not riding high on this issue. A lot of this is cobblers though, a beat up by the opposition and the press. There will be genuine cases for payment of allowances.

Even so, travel allowance lurks and perks are there for those politicians who blend or blur their work with their personal life, or should I say; arrange their work around their personal life at taxpayers expense? Given some of the dubious examples, a can of worms might have lost its lid.

‘Networking’. Using this word does not convert everything into a refund.

Word for today;      Perspective… a subject or its parts are mentally viewed (by voters).

More to come;     same blog time, same blog channel



  1. The wealthy and powerful aren’t obliged to live by the rules that apply to the rest of us. This is why the preferred term for using taxpayer’s money for one’s own purpose is called ‘rorting’ not stealing. I’d say off with their heads but it’s impossible to kill off politicians. They just count their perks and let the criticism slide off their thick skinned hides. Or else they reinvent themselves as independents or diplomats or some such.


    • Don’t hold back Mary; let ’em have it.


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