Posted by: Bruce | September 18, 2013

Syria’s ‘baddies V baddies’ and Russia.

On 4th Sept, 2013 I posted ‘Tony Abbott on Syria, not wrong about ‘baddies’. This is an update from my stuffed political armchair.

Headline criticism of Tony Abbott’s caution in supporting a military strike on the Assad regime prompted my post. The strike, led by the U.S., preferably under UN sanction, was to be in retaliation for the alleged use of chemical weapons in the Syrian civil war which claimed many civilians including children.

Tony Abbott, then Opposition Leader (now Prime Minister Elect since the September 7 election) said that ‘baddies versus baddies’ in Syria was to be considered before supporting any military action. I agreed with him. You can check my previous post for links and further detail if you like.

Chemical warfare - a Google imageIn the post of 4th Sept I questioned the role of Syria’s allies, some of those who are also members of the United Nations council. Russia, Iran and Egypt were a few I named who appeared to be doing nothing to help the people of Syria.

With tensions rising, Russia emerged with a plan to defuse the confrontation over chemical weapons. It was initially met with suspicion but appears to be a genuine option which may prevent a military strike. From the land that gave us Mikhail Gorbachev, a bit of optimism for the Syrian disaster.

So credit where credit is due. Good on the Russian Federation, hopefully it works. It has to be better than specific strikes that still manage to kill innocents.

Two points;

I watched some of the interview of Assad by a US journalist. Maybe it’s just the language barrier but I don’t like him, I don’t trust him. He seemed arrogant yet out of his depth. That’s my body language observation and summary.

Finding who was responsible for ordering the use of chemical weapons in Syria still has to happen, if possible.

Plenty of links for opinions and articles. I became confused reading them. What a mess.

Words for today;      Chemical weapons:      a war crime.

More to come;      same blog time, same channel

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