Posted by: Bruce | September 16, 2013

Drug death at Defqon 1 dance festival, Penrith

On 14th Sept 2013 approx. 18,000 people attended a Defqon 1 dance festival held at the Sydney International Regatta Centre in Penrith.

Drugs so you can rave to your grave.Arrested for drug offences were 84 people, 14 were taken to hospital for suspected drug overdoses and one 23yr old guy from Victoria, James Monro, died from drug overdose despite being in hospital. He suffered seizures and then a number of cardiac arrests; just 23 yrs of age.

NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell has said that people are ‘dead wrong’ to use the term ‘recreational drugs’. I totally agree. I wish he, and others, would headline it. It’s probably the first time I’ve heard or read anyone of profile condemn the term ‘recreational drugs’.

For years now, it irritates me; more than that, it annoys the hell out of me every time I read or hear the term ‘recreational drugs’. In print, radio, the news on telly, take your pick. I don’t know where or when it started but it’s been around for a long time, too long. It should go from the media because it sends the wrong message.

‘Recreational drugs’. What does this term sound like? Wholesome, respectable, acceptable, desirable, good for your wellbeing and general health. Why, it’s like a good  walk on the beach, playing table tennis, hiking, family holidays, fishing, bowling, racing, surfing. What a good way to generalise about crap that can kill you.

I wish it could be removed from everywhere; just hearing it must for some, especially the young, give it authenticity, that recreational drugs exist and seem pretty acceptable. After all, if it’s on the net it has to be true; if adults say it without a fuss then they must be okay.

If this term must be used, it should be coupled with words such as illegal, deadly, addictive or whatever it takes to remove any hint that ‘rereational drugs’ are somehow a normal part of life and won’t hurt you. Fancy paying for a hit of something, sold by someone who couldn’t give a stuff and made by someone who gives even less of a stuff and bulks the quantity with rat poison in some foul backyard shed. Trusting low lifes with your own life is a strange concept.

Popping an E-bomb, Happy Pill, Love Drug or Scooby Snack or two really shouldn’t be seen as a rite of passage for those hitting the legal years of entering clubs, pubs and dance festivals (or younger). And those older ones probably really know they have an issue or two if getting off their face makes them happy, if only for short time.

Following link is about Gemma Thoms who died from overdosing on ‘recreational drugs’. She was 17 yrs old and at Perths’ Big Day Out. Such a waste.

Drugs - Image by

Words for today;     ‘Recreational Drugs’    —–  No such thing.

More to come;     same blog time, same channel.


  1. Drugs such as MDMA shouldn’t be illegal and people should be more educated about drugs. As it stands, there is no education about drugs except to stay away from them.

    If people were educated about drugs then they would test their substance, weigh their dosage and take other such harm reduction measures… leaving no chance of death. MDMA is not an addictive chemical like methamphetamine. Alcohol and nicotine are much worse than MDMA in terms of side effects and addiction.

    Substances such as MDMA, 2CB and GHB are extremely euphoric and fun in a party environment, most people at Defqon did not overdose and had a really awesome time.

    I use abovementioned drugs on occassion and know exactly what I’m doing. As a hobby, I have researched online for years about different mind altering substances and find them very interesting, it’s just a shame that most people have no idea what drug they are taking and don’t apply intelligence when they want to party.

    Idiots buying random ecstasy pills, not testing them then going to a festival and overdosing is a classic case of darwinism IMO.


  2. Why didn’t you approve my first comment?

    You should let other people respond and xxpress their points of view even if you don’t agree with them mate.


    • Hullo John G., I have only had one other comment on this post and that’s from a Jim Jones. I’ll work on you and Jim Jones being the same commentator but please let me know if I’m wrong. If I’m right then I’ll now respond to your comment questioning my actions.

      I hadn’t approved the first comment because initially I wondered whether ‘Jim Jones’ was having a lend of me. In the context of drugs, the name Jim Jones isn’t lost on me, as a person with this name led over 900 people from his cult/following, The Peoples Temple, to their voluntary/involuntary deaths. This included 300 children. I didn’t warm to this reference..

      Reading further you made it clear that drugs are okay with you, handled intelligently, and finished with a flourish by describing the victims of overdose as classic cases of Darwinism.

      Overall, I worried that some might treat your words as a further endorsement of taking drugs (illegal) and become another headline; some people are easily or willingly convinced.

      Without entering into a debate over legalising drugs, I agree when you say people should be more educated about drugs. The ‘won’t happen to me’ mindset wins most of the time though. I get what you’re saying with your approach to drug use but most people won’t follow that path.

      I also agree when you say that I should let people respond with their viewpoint even if it’s nothing like mine. I have deleted 2 comments in the last 4 years and they were nothing but swearing. My kids, and others, sometimes read this blog.

      As for opinions, I’d like to say that intelligence and taking illegal, mind altering drugs seems an odd combination. I hope you continually know what you are doing and don’t come to any harm. I’ve been present in an emergency ward listening to a guy being treated for overdose while spruking to one and all that drugs increase your intelligence.

      Whether you mean ‘social Darwinism’ or not doesn’t really alter your opinion which could be interpreted as somewhat lofty if not straight out mercenary. Would that apply for someone close to you?

      It may surprise you to know that I didn’t delete your first comment, if it is yours. Now that I’ve responded with a few words, I’ll hit the approve button.

      There’s gotta be a safer way to have a good time. Thanks for your comments John G.


  3. […] 2013, I wrote about a death at the Defqon 1 Music Festival at Penrith. One guy (a user) commented that if drug takers kill themselves then so […]


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