Posted by: Bruce | September 4, 2013

Tony Abbott on Syria. Not wrong about ‘baddies’.

From my stuffed political armchair I see little bits here and there on the misery in Syria. I’ve wondered about this, along with most others. What is going to happen? The potential for further disaster is mind boggling.

The civil war raging between the regime of dictator Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian national coalition has escalated to calls for direct action from UN countries after alleged chemical warfare instigated by the dictator. Such direct action would most likely be led by the U.S.A., sanctioned or otherwise by the U.N

The thought of the USA leading yet another strike on the world stage fills me with dread; despite the action brought about by best intentions and UN agreement.

Does anyone really know what is going on in Syria? Does it have to be a civil war? What do we know about the Syrian national coalition, the huge refugee problem?

What does the situation in Syria say about its allies, its buddies; namely Russia, China, Egypt and Iran to name a few? What are they doing; what will they do if the U.S.A leads a strike on their ally?

Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott - a SMH image

I think it’s totally common sense that Tony Abbott questions the integrity of both sides, connections to al-Qaeda and anything else considered relevant. He may not win awards for diplomacy or choice of words, but baddies on both sides is as likely as not. Look no further than the confusion in Egypt as an example. Is it clear that the Assad military unleashed the chemical weapons? It is not beyond probability that the opposition could do it for their own gain. Tony Abbott is not the first to think or voice these opinions.

Kevin Rudd may be right about the diplomacy angle and the world recognising the Syrian national coaltion. But that can mean absolutely nothing.

Cambodia Genocide Trial

The world, including Australia, recognised the Khmer Rouge, Pol Pot regime as the legitimate governing party in Cambodia. Our own country recognised the butchers who were slaughtering and continued to slaughter around twenty five percent (2-3 million people) of its own population during the 1970’s.

I don’t think Tony Abbott should be crucified in this instance. He has probably said what a lot are thinking. The same questions were asked just a month or two ago by the UN when the Inspectors went to determine if chemical weapons had been used and by whom. The United Nations consider the Syrian national coalition as the ‘goodies’ and hopefully their intelligence is solid.

Syria’s allies need a rocket right up their…….. and pressure should be applied to them on the world stage for all to see. No good being in the UN club just keeping the seat warm. Are they allies/friends of just the leader Assad or of Syria and its people?

In the meantime, children, men and women are dying or fleeing the country, caught up in something beyond them. Hopefully the right decision is reached soon.

The last link (to aljazeera) talks of Syria’s allies and enemies.

Word for today:        Syria………..misery, death and destruction.

More to come:     same blog time, same blog channel


  1. You’re right, Bruce, what indeed ‘does the situation in Syria say about its allies, its buddies; namely Russia, China, Egypt and Iran to name a few?’ Nothing nice, frankly. These countries have agendas and interests of their own, so they don’t mind the endless riots and killings. If we’re ever going to solve the refugee crisis we need peace in the Middle East, and If ever there’s going to be peace in the Middle East, the world needs to put pressure on those countries.
    Do I wish us good luck in the election? I’m feeling dispirited all round.


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