Posted by: Bruce | August 26, 2013

Rabbitoh Sam Burgess; gone Squirrel.

Beady eyed squirrel - a Google image.Australian rugby league has a relatively new headliner called a ‘squirrel grip’.

This is the definition according to Wiktionary:

Squirrel grip(s)
(Australia, Sports, Colloquial)..a grip of another player’s testicles; an illegal rugby tackle involving such a grip.

Image by Daily Telegraph-Burgess No.8No matter which way you look, it’s not good. Pictures can lie but in this case I don’t think so; looks ‘business as usual’ to me.

It is a pretty weird act from one ‘sportsman’ to another; from one guy to another. I’m amazed it doesn’t seem to ruffle too many players including the teammates of Burgess. Makes me wonder. You couldn’t get away with this off the paddock.

This is cheating in a low, strange way.

Words for today;     Squirrel Grip – grubby and weird.

More to come;     same blog time, same blog channel.


  1. Well, you learn something new every day!


    • Agreed, though sometimes it can make your eyes water. Thanks for making time to comment. Bruce


  2. […] of this stereotypical Australian toughness all the time.  Just the other day, I stumbled upon this blog post about a new term that’s become common in Australian rugby called the “squirrel […]


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