Posted by: Bruce | August 8, 2013

I.C.A.C. and Bylong Valley ~ Corrupt conduct by Macdonald, Obeid and others. Greed is good?

In Feb, 2013 from my stuffed political armchair,  I posted the article below about alleged corrupt conduct by one or more NSW Government officials.

The investigation has revealed corrupt conduct, naming Government Ministers Macdonald, Obeid and others as persons of interest for further action and consideration of prosecution. The monetary gain for some questionable players here is enormous.

It didn’t take a lot to figure that something about the Bylong Valley exploration licenses stunk to high heaven. No need for a wordy explanation; the links will take those interested to the details of greed and self service behind closed doors.

Just a few of my thoughts for an update;

* If all was fair and above board, then everyone, including me, would have known that an investment was on the table regarding coal exploration in Bylong Valley; not just a select few already well heeled.

* I heard John Laws (Australian radio talk back show) saying he doubted the players would ever get to serve jail time as years of court appearances would follow.

* If this was ‘insider trading’ in the stock market, jail would be just around the corner.

* The arrogance and gluttony of those who made, or tried to make this pot of gold as theirs only, is amazing.

* Where was the NSW Liberal Opposition while this was happening?

* The following article and pigtorial still stands, the pigtures tell the story.

February 7, 2013 (POST)

I.C.A.C. The Independent Commission Against Corruption NSW – a brief pigtorial on the Bylong Valley.

In NSW Australia, we have an Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) in the NSW Public Sector (gov’t).

ICAC has extensive powers allowing it to uncover, investigate and report on corrupt conduct in the NSW Public sector.

A current investigation hitting the headlines concerns a decision to open a mining area in the Bylong Valley for coal exploration. Two persons of interest in this matter being Ministers in the previous State Labour Government; namely Ian Macdonald MLC and Edward Obeid MLC. Both names have Hon (Honourable) in front however I’ll leave that for now. Family members have also taken the stand and aren’t too concerned about their commercial activities and enormous appetite for financial gain.

The plot in this multi-million dollar venture involves access to a restricted government decision which paved the way for buying land prior to the coal mining venture. Initial figures thrown around cover $50-100 million. Serious money and likened to insider trading.

For an average guy like me who picks up little bits of news here and there, this thing is playing out in the worst possible way for the reputation of politicians and their associates. It really is a perfect example of why many voters don’t have high opinions of these ‘representatives of the people’. If it’s not jobs for the boys and girls, it’s riches and favours for the boys and girls; this is just what it looks like. Those who receive favours from the inside can benefit hugely outside.

I hope that all the people who are looking pretty dodgy at the moment, are shown to be open, honest and trustworthy. Innocent until proven guilty, I think it goes.

Meantime, the following pigtorial is how it appears to me, and, how it will play out.

Let's dig in, no one's watching Snort (Google image)

Let’s dig in, no one’s watching SNORT

It's not how it looks, Snort Snort ((a Google image)

It’s not how it looks. Snort Snort

Greed is good, greed is good.

Word for today;     Corruption

Misusing public office for personal gain.

More to come:     same blog time, same blog channel


  1. There’s something familiar about that middle pig, Bruce. He seems to be taking a deep breath before plunging back into the trough.
    ps., You seem to be under the impression that politicians have a reputation or a good name to lose. Now name me one pollie who’s actually interested in doing good for the people that voted him or her in. I double dare you.


    • I think you’ve got me with that double dare Mary, but I like to think there is a pollie or two interested in their job as well as their bank balance.


      • Interested in their job, or in how to keep it? I’m just a hardened cynic, Bruce. 🙂


  2. It’s happening here in Canada, too, and it never seems to stop in the US. What always amazes me is how the latest generation of politicians never seems to learn from the mistakes of the previous ones.


    • Maybe that’s a good thing Charles. It can make it easier catching the bent politicians with their snout in the trough. The arrogance and greed is amazing.


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