Posted by: Bruce | July 26, 2013

Alfa Romeo – Flatmates ad; a tragedy for Romeo and Giulietta.

[Update January 22, 2016: Apologies to readers looking for the Flatmates video. It appears to be available no more. It was on YouTube, publicly available. When clicking the play button it advises to sign in or, no go it’s a private site].

This commercial has been on the telly a fair bit lately but I hadn’t actually tuned in for the dialogue. After I did bother to listen, I figured that this is the sort of stereotyping stuff women have been groaning about since I was old enough to understand. Guys are quietly stereotyped as well.

Playing it safe, I asked the two women in my life and was told yes, that’s what the ad says; sex in the middle of the day if the guy has a flash car.

Oh well, some things never change. What’s next?

Nothing much from me except to rate this ad based on the following;

Flatmate back from shops or somewhere says ‘shower’ before she has looked at her towelled flatmate. Follows with Aussie understatement/joke ‘just break up did we?’. Least she didn’t ask ‘was it pretty bloody good?’

I’ve since been given the word in a comment from Lisa that it’s ‘just WAKE up did we?’ but it still sounds like ‘BREAK up’ to me. Lisa also said to me  ‘get over yourself’. I’ll think on her words, maybe her assessment of me is right. Or maybe I touched a nerve.

Not a wedding ring or well thumbed bride magazine in sight; just the cheesy afterglow on the bathrobed babe’s face. Tsk and tsk.

Like other ads that target a specific age bracket, this ad hits everyone including naive young things. And so the tradition continues with women looking like gold diggers and guys always out to impress.

The moral of the story is ………..missing I think. And this Romeo and Giulietta is as boring as batcrap.

That’s it, I’m off to buy a flash car. No, not a flash car, an Alpha Romeo.

BBH rating;     0/10

(The score may well be different if I was Richard).

Words for today (2);       Dumb commercials (Alfa Romeo – Flatmates)

More to come;    same blog time, same blog channel.


  1. Here’s the thing, Bruce, the old adverts were sexist but we didn’t know it back then. That sort of thing doesn’t come naturally to human beings. It took education, lobbying and lots of gradual change to get us all to this place. Now that we’re here, there doesn’t seem to be an excuse or reason for today’s advertisements to flip things around and show a sexist bias against men. Every advert without exception that has both genders in the story has an anti-male bias.
    There’s one in particular that makes a comeback now and again. A middle aged woman is advertising the benefits of Philadelphia cheese would you believe. She has two helpers in the kitchen and as she and they leave, she pats them both on the backside and gives the audience the wink.
    As for those car adverts, I’ve noticed that the car industry is making a play for cashed up women. They are producing smaller versions of expensive cars. The ‘it’s not a car, it’s an Alfa Romeo’ adverts are irritating and the woman in it is smug. I’m sure that as soon as someone works out that it demeans women that advert will be dropped like the proverbial hot potato.


    • Thanks for the thoughtful information Mary. If the ad is hoping to appear sophisticated and target ‘cashed up’ women then I think it’s missed. We’ll see if your prediction is right. I have another commentator though who says the ad isn’t degrading in any way so there we go.


  2. She says ‘just WAKE up did we? Also get over the sexism if it really was a massive problem there would be a ban on the ad. It isn’t dehgrading in any way. Get over yourselfffffff


    • Hi Lisa, I asked two others for an opinion and they agree with you that she says WAKE up. The two are biased towards me but showed no mercy. WAKE up is more logical, however it still sounds like BREAK up to me. I haven’t lost sleep over the sexism and am unlikely to. Thanks for taking the time to give your opinion and advice that you don’t find the ad degrading in anyway. That’s just the thing I’m curious about. As for getting over myself…..Ouch.


  3. Bruce, I wasn’t able to watch the video, here or on YouTube, so I can’t comment on the sexism aspect. But as far as those two words — dumb commercial — I have no doubt. I watch little television, but from what I see, the commercials and the shows are getting dumber all the time. It may have something to do with the direction in which our standards are headed.


    • Sorry about that. There seems to be some restrictions on different videos between countries which is a little frustrating. If you search independently of my post you might find the ‘flatmates’ ad from Alfa Romeo. The video and dialogue are like a throwback, or perhaps more accurately, a continuation of what’s gone down before. I wondered if women would be a bit cheesed off with this ad thus the post looking for reactions. Thanks for looking in Charles.


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