Posted by: Bruce | July 12, 2013

Julia Gillard with Cups – You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone

From my stuffed armchair and thinking of our now former Prime Minister Julia Gillard, I found I couldn’t get a particular song out of my head. Not only do I really like it but somehow it just seems tailor made for a few things Julia Gillard was noted for.

With former P.M. Kevin Rudd back on the throne as Prime Minister and very little mention made of our now former PM, I wondered if she would indeed be missed and if so, for what. I do know that I listen (when I can) to a radio show called How Green Was My Cactus. This is an Australian Radio Comedy show and they stick it to the pollies. As Julia Buzzard, her hair and the way she walks and talks will certainly be missed along with her handbag Timmy the Hairdresser. The site is for anyone interested. I don’t have any connection with the site other than checking it out for freebies.

As trucks removed Julia Gillard’s cups from The Lodge my choice of music was clear. (I think I see a cup juggling mistake in the video but I don’t care; Anna Kendrick is a bit of a hottie).

Does anyone remember Rubbery Figures from the 80’s? That was another Australian comedy but on television. Short sketches covering politicians in Australia, USA, UK and the world in general. Thanks to the magic called YouTube I’ve included an example for you.

Word for today;      Humour     –      We need it.

More to come;     same blog time, same blog channel.



  1. Thanks for the link and for the rubbery memories. I’m going to check it out, particularly the link; when I’ve got time to do it justice. I’m still catching up with things undone now that my granddaughters have gone home.


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