Posted by: Bruce | June 28, 2013

Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan – parting with passion.

From my stuffed political armchair, some brief observations.

After an extra-ordinary night in Australian politics, the ebb and flow of political business seemed to resume and amazingly, the ripples from last nights outing of Prime Minister Julia Gillard have almost disappeared.

Last night I watched with great interest, the parting speech given by a very strained, very pressured Julia Gillard. I thought she spoke well, with barely concealed fire and passion in her words and her eyes (even a dagger or two there). I wish I had seen more of that during her time as P.M.

She copped some criticism for talking of the gender issue, saying it was ‘not everything, it was not nothing’. Curious grammar but I believe I understood her meaning. Whether it was necessary to mention is another issue.

I then watched Wayne Swan’s Swan song. Sorry, couldn’t resist. He also spoke with passion and intensity. He appeared very sincere. As with Julia Gillard I wished I had seen more of that during his time as Treasurer.

Paul Murray on Sky news mentioned the very same thing but his panel of pals said that it had occurred fairly often, at least from the journalist viewpoint. I think Paul Murray was referring to the viewpoint of ordinary plebs like me.

As for this morning, one of the first images I saw was of Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan in Parliament,  in the naughty benches at the back. A week really can be a long time in politics. They now may have a perfect understanding of Kevin Rudd’s dethroning.

The naughty back benches for J.Gillard and W.Swan - a Google image

As for Kevin Rudd; I hope he can close the gap between Labour and Liberal at the elections. Not because I favour either party, but because I don’t like a huge majority ( translation – power) in either one.

As for Australian politics, well yesterday we hung our political washing out for the world to see. Sort of embarrassing. Not for Kevin Rudd though I suspect. After all, he has done the full cycle and is all sparkling and ready to go.

Word for today;      Politics – not for the faint-hearted.

More to come;         same blog time, same blog channel.



  1. He’s ‘done the full cycle and is all sparkling and ready to go.’ ?? you’re making me laugh, but I don’t particularly want to. These are anxious times.
    As for the rest, well, Wayne Swan’s reward was to be Julia Gillard’s Treasurer, otherwise why give the worst Treasurer in Australia’s political history the job. And Julia Gillard was a miserable failure. Don’t worry, we haven’t heard the last of her and her misogynist accusations. A little jab here and there to keep her going till after the election. Then watch out. 🙂


    • I’m glad you got an unwanted laugh and you can still be anxious with a smile. I’m just wildly guessing here but it seems that Jules and Wayne aren’t your favourite people. It will be interesting to see the field after the next election.


      • Your hunch is right, Bruce. Jules and Wayne are not my favourite people and neither is Tone. What is a girl to do, I ask you?


  2. We’ve been in Canada fifteen years, and I’m still trying to understand the political process. The problem is that I still look at everything with American eyes, similar to what happens when I try to understand cricket after a lifetime of baseball. The filter distorts.

    Democracy is always interesting, though. Sounds like Australia is no exception.


    • True that it has been interesting. Almost as interesting as trying to understand cricket after a lifetime of baseball. Now there’s a challenge.


  3. What do you think of Kevin’s statement today about asylum seekers? There are murmurs that he wanted to get that out of the way before calling an election in August. Interesting times all round.


    • If you are referring to New Guinea, I don’t know what to make of it. Bit of a strange one I think. I had not long before that, read the bit on Indonesia not issueing visas to Iranians who arrive by plane en route to Australia as economic refugees. Why hadn’t we heard that one before?


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