Posted by: Bruce | June 26, 2013

Gillard Vs Rudd – The Grand Finale 7.00 pm tonight (June 26, 2013).

I'll be back.   A google image.June 26, 2013.

Absolutely amazed sitting in my stuffed political armchair, stuffing flying everywhere.

PM Gillard has again thrown the gauntlet and brought the leadership matter to a head. The Labor Caucus will tonight vote yet again as to who will lead the Government to oblivion in September 2013. A Labor Government implosion yet again.

It’s a bit sad really because the Government will be voted out whether Gillard leads, or Rudd. The damage may be less if Rudd is the leader. From past observations, I’ve noticed that an imcumbent government going to the polls with leadership problems usually gets turfed out in favour of a united Opposition. I think the media have contributed to this mess as well.

Kevin Rudd (usually referred to as former Prime Minister Rudd – what is his official position anyway?) must have the numbers AND the nod from the death squad in Sussex St. I didn’t think he would want to be remembered as the P.M. going down with the ship, and so perhaps his intentions can be accepted as honorable in respect of the Labor Party and the Australian public.

If he does win, I wonder if he will be tempted to do a Happy Dance singing I told you so. I think he’ll get it and I think the death squad from Sussex St should be ashamed of themselves. They will have given Tony Abbott the job of PM on a silver platter and it will be Julia Gillards’ turn to be humiliated.

A couple of video links below to the breaking news from PM Gillard and the annointed challenger, former PM Rudd. Listening to their words I get the impression we have two Labor Governments operating simultaneously.

The Government of Origin decider as a preliminary match before tonights 2nd State of Origin in Qld.

UPDATE: Kevin Rudd wins challenge. Julia Gillard deposed. (added 8.25pm)

Words for today: What colour will I go for? (Tony Abbott deciding on the Lodge decor).

More to come; same blog time, same blog channel.



  1. It seems possible that even electronic articles can be out of date almost as soon as they are printed. Rudd the dud is back. We all watched him causing trouble the past three years. I never thought he could pull it off. And that fiasco in March, my dear, how he shafted his colleagues right into the back bench.
    Having said that, where are we? We’ve got duddy Rudd or Abbot (or as Gillard referred to him for the longest time – Mr Rabbit). I don’t like it that business is coming to the fore, talking about work choices again as if it’s a done deal, which perhaps it is.
    So, at the risk of repeating myself, where are we? .


    • No answers Mary. Only Rudd or Abbott after the next election. My big worry with Tony Abbott sounds similar to yours; that is the talk of WorkChoices. I’ve worked a lot in Industrial Relations and I know that most adults, let alone 18 yr old employees, are ill equipped to negotiate one on one contracts of employment. As WorkChoices helped end the Howard Liberal Gov’t perhaps Mr Abbott will not pursue it just yet. But I think he will in one form or another. Not long ago at one of his meet the people forums he said that Ind. Relations had gone from one extreme to the other and he believed somewhere in the middle was appropriate. I hope he sticks to that if he gets the PM’s job. Oh and I think Kevin Rudd is only there because the Labour party want him there. They must think he has a chance to reduce the damage electorally. They turfed him and now a backflip. Pretty grubby game ísn’t it?


      • You’re right, Bruce, there are no answers which is why, if you listen carefully, you can hear the sound of a desperate nation gnashing its collective teeth. There’s a lot of talk about saving the furniture but I think that Labor’s ‘recycled’ saviour has more to do with politicians making a last ditch effort to protect themselves. PS. Are you fed up with the constant chatter of those media gossips?


      • Yes on the PS Mary. I don’t listen to them much but occasionally it’s interesting to see which way they interpret stuff that’s happening. Apart from that, they probably get paid a little to talk a lot. About the only ones I listen to for a while are on the Paul Murray Live show on Sky. Chatter and gossip describe just what they are doing and keep a show going. They are not necessarily right or wrong, just opinionated. The next few months might just be interesting; I hope so.


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