Posted by: Bruce | June 10, 2013

Morisset Hospital Memorial Chapel – a peek inside.

A NoNeg imageFor something different, a look inside a little chapel in the grounds of Morisset Psychiatric Hospital. The foundation stone was laid in 1954 and the building officially opened in 1957. It is on the Register of War Memorials N.S.W.

The chapel is used regularly by staff and residents. Occasional weddings, baptisms and funerals are also held here.

The feature leadlight window at the front of the chapel was designed by John Ashwin and Company of Sydney. I’m not sure of the others but I think they are impressive as well. In addition to the religious images, others acknowledge the nursing and medical staff of the hospital and the armed forces of Australia.

Photogenic surrounds with Morissets’ well known kangaroo population make for something a little out of the ordinary. The official address of Morisset Hospital is given as ‘off Dora St, Morisset’. This translates to approx. 3-4 klm from Morisset Station; not a short walk.


Kangaroos can be aggressive where food and/or joeys (baby kangaroos) are concerned. Tourists and sightseers have been injured when feeding them. Some of the animals are large and can easily take out an adult male person. It’s best not to hand feed them.

Just a click or touch on one of the smaller pictures will quickly present a gallery with all images enlarged, like a slideshow that you control. Much better for the detail and easier on the eye. I think the stained glass art is great.

I took all interior photos using available light only; no flash or ceiling lights etc.


For some, this track might be just the thing after checking the photos.

The following links provided some reference material.

Images by NoNeg

Words for today;     Rachel Darcy – Who is she?

Her name is on the cross on front of the church; no dates, just simply says ‘aged 86 years’.

More to come:     same blog time, same blog channel.


  1. How beautiful, Bruce. You’d certainly be inspired if you had a chapel like that nearby. Just lovely. And the Chapel of Love, my dear Bruce, that does so take me back. The lyrics aren’t anything to write home about, but I loved it then and it still gives me a kick today. Thanks.


    • You’re welcome Mary. It is a surprising little gem and I’m very glad you liked listening to Chapel of Love.


  2. Regarding the lovely chapel at Morisset hospital, your photos are beautiful, my son was married there 14 years ago, and I went to a wedding there 2 years ago, where they fed the kangaroos bread as we came out of the church, I wanted to speak to someone regarding this, do you know who I can contact, I can’t find the telephone number of the church. Would you know it at all, thank you Diane Cavanough


    • Thanks for that Diane, I’m very glad you like them, especially since you know the chapel. As for a contact number, call the general at Morisset Psych. Hospital; 4973 0222, or you could visit the office which is very close to the chapel (from memory, I think Mon-Fri for office staff). The chapel is part of the hospitals property (gov’t) and therefore owned by the taxpayer! Regards, Bruce


  3. Hi there
    Just wondering if you could pleas send me the contact number for the church. Thankyou 🙂


    • Hi Maddison, I’ve just forwarded a copy of email I sent to you on Feb 10, in reply to your original message. I wasn’t being a slacko; it seems that you didn’t receive it. The only number I have is for Morisset Hospital Administration Office, 02 4973 0222. I think the office is open Mon-Fri only. Fingers crossed for successful communication.


  4. Amazing photos of the church.I have lived at Wyee pt for around 22 years and often horse ride there.So sad to see how run down it is now.


    • Thanks for that Kerrin. And thanks for taking the time to say so. Hopefully the little Chapel is cared for so it’s function and history can continue. Is it very different now compared to 22 years ago?


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