Posted by: Bruce | May 25, 2013

Tony Abbott Opposition Leader. Is there a doctor in the house?

From my stuffed political armchair, some ordinary observations.

When I finally had the remote in my hand I flicked on the news and came across a segment on Tony Abbott with about 10 minutes to run. He was out and about meeting the people. This visit, a public forum was held at Geelong R.S.L. Victoria.

Tony Abbott - a Google imageThe forum was about winning the vote from Labor in Australia’s most marginal seat Corangamite, held by Labor M.P. Darren Cheeseman.

In the program time remaining Tony Abbott replied to questions from the floor. His manner, I thought, focussed and subdued. I registered the following;

* He spoke of careful decisions that can be subject to the ‘law of unintended consequences’ I’m not sure whether he referred to his party or the Gillard Government.

* On the N.D.I.S. (National Disablility Insurance Scheme) He spent a fair bit of time. He said that he fully supported the NDIS as long as it could be funded. He was pretty animated on this topic and emphasised that from the start he was Dr. Yes on the N.D.I.S. He finished this sentence with a pretty big smile.

* On the issue of repealing the carbon tax he seemed to me a little guarded. I didn’t really hear Dr Yes or Dr No come to think of it. More of a Dr Maybe. In either case the Liberal Party are only playing politics with this and will bring in the own tax called the ETS, Emissions Trading Scheme.

* He fielded a question from a small business proprietor who wanted to know why employees are now able to accumulate 10 days unused sick leave per year; that it was killing his business. Mr Abbott advised that those conditions had always been there and were nothing knew. He got the nod from me on this one as he is pretty much correct with this advice to the small business owner. It’s amazing how many small business owners know very little of industrial relations.

* Mr Abbott then mentioned that WorkChoices was rejected by the public and Fair Work Australia would continue with some reviewing. He considered Industrial Relations needed to get back around the centre. I guess he meant away from extremes of either party.

Ford Logo - a Google image* He had a good time promoting the Ford Territory, asking why it wasn’t assembled here and exported to the USA. I think he said he owns one and I know he said “they are a bloody good car”. After a job perhaps?

Well now for some up to date thoughts from my chair.

# Whether you like him or not, Tony Abbott is pretty high profile for an Opposition Leader.

# He can pretty much forget about job prospects with Ford in Australia as they recently announced they are closing down.

# I think the Coalition deserved the name No-alition. I think a good Opposition is essential but I only view this opposition as destructive, not constructive. Politics definitely came first with this lot, running the country second.

# Tony Abbott belatedly realised he blew a good chance of being constructive, over the Asylum seeker boats fiasco. The olive branch extended to Labor was very bendy and short.

# The Liberal Party would never hold power on their own; it is only because they are in partnership with the National Party of Australia. Fortunately for them it works a lot better than the Labor minority government with the Greens wielding the power.

# With all the uproar over the Labor Carbon Tax and Mineral Resources Tax, the first thing Tony Abbott flys over our heads is a Calibre Tax or better known as Paid Parental Leave.

# Next a balloon is floated over increasing the GST (Goods and Services Tax). I guess this is only fitting. Labor brought in Medicare and so hitting the levy (for a good cause) is perhaps right. Liberal brought in the GST so if they raise the GST well perhaps that is right too.

# I wonder at the paradox of our elected governments only being able to satisfy the voters by new taxes when they are elected. Did we know we were voting for yet more major taxes? Or is it that we are just getting greedy and the Parties, to gain power, try to please everyone?

Bad teeth - a Google image.# I’m still waiting for a party with enough guts to bring in DentiCare. I don’t understand why dentists aren’t as accessible as doctors.

# I’m not keen on either side. Not impressed with the alternatives at all.

# I’d like to know what the education revolution is all about as well. Perhaps our politicians need to be smarter or does it mean that all of us now are not very smart? Is that good grammar?

# I don’t believe that WorkChoices is dead and buried with Tony Abbott. He has still talked of it until recently and only paid lip service for the elections by announcing it well and truly finished. One way or another I think he’ll still go for it if elected P.M. It will just be under another name.

Word for today;       Choice. At least we have two parties to choose from.

More to come;      same blog time, same blog channel.



  1. This post made me realize, again, how complicated life has become. I guess that’s inevitable with large numbers of people living in a democracy.


    • How to keep everyone happy? Complicated alright and just not possible.


  2. Bruce, such a thoughtful post. I find it ironic that work choices was what lost John Howard the election and even though we know we’re in for the same with Abbott, he’s likely to win. It’s so depressing.
    PS. I’m waiting for your take on Pauline Hanson.


    • Thanks Mary. It’s irony alright. I hope we are wrong on the WorkChoices bit. I hadn’t really thought of writing about Pauline Hanson but it is an interesting prompt.


      • A prompt and a challenge, Bruce.


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