Posted by: Bruce | March 28, 2013

Kleenex-Cottonelle Gripples commercial. A bit on the nose.

What the Cottonelle’s going on here? Since around July 2012 this ad about toilet paper and a small, white dog sniffing bums belonging to people, has graced our telly screens.

Why? I’m guessing it must be progress. Something new that those of us beyond pre-school age need to know. Something we should understand about the role (roll) of toilet paper. Is the commercial patronising or just a pain in the bum? The imagery of toilet paper in action, including the miracle Gripples type grippling everything in its path, is a bit hard to ignore while sipping a coffee or eating dessert in front of the telly. Ads aren’t on the progam either, so we are pretty much a captive audience.

Image of luck for a new couple having a quiet time together watching telly. Hopefully it’s not shown at the movies. Probably take the shine off a romantic mood while one or the other, or both, ponder each others grippling and flossing habits.

Leaving a little to the imagination, ‘less is more’, would be totally okay with me. Advertising wonders like this will continue though, because the bottom line is money. What a bummer. Companies need to get a Gripple on themselves and spare us this irritating nitty gritty.

This ad, though a little insulting, surprisingly has a silver lining. Having looked around for other opinions I found company for my thoughts. Some serious, some of it I’m almost ashamed to say, pretty funny. Spawned by an ad of shady integrity, imaginations have embraced Grippling one way or another. I have included the following links or just Google the ad and you’ll be off.

Despite Gripples apparently being the answer to my implied failures in personal hygiene, I found that without an operators manual (paper or digital), I have a few questions I’d like resolved:

* Dogs by nature, sniff each others bums and then generally pal (not Pal) around. Doesn’t that mean the person the cute white dog sniffs and then sits with, probably smells like a dogs bottom?

* At home in the real world, can this be checked using the family dog? If so, does the dog have to be white?

* For those without a qualified dog, can other pets such as cats, ferrets, snakes or goats be used?

* Can my weapon of choice be a canary? Miners world wide have for ages, used canaries in the coal mines. If it falls off its perch you know you’ve got a problem.

* If no pets are available, can a person be a substitute? What if a person lives on their own?

* Were any white dogs harmed or badly frightened in the making of this commercial?

* “I’ve heard so much about Gripples, I can’t wait to try them”. This from a yummy bride in her wedding gown? #

* “I’ve been Grippled and I loved it.” This from a pretty young thing with a come hither look in her eyes? #

# The last two are from the Kleenex-Cottonelle ad. And I thought my humour was a little off centre.

Really, they could have saved a lot of time, effort and suspect cleverness by running the following video (as seen on America’s Funniest Videos) with the following title.

Guess who didn’t use Gripples?

BBH Rating:   a  No.2/10

Word(s) for today:     pal/Pal   —  Buddy, friend, companion/Dogfood

More to come;      same blog time, same blog channel.


  1. Spot on, Bruce, I have found that one irritating advert and the implication -well what does a dog do once it’s arrived at its destination? The ad people seem to have run out of ideas.


    • My teenage kids think it’s stupid as well so it’s not just grownups who are sick of this unnecessary detail. As you say, they need other ideas.


  2. Bruce, what you have to remember is that our species is evolving, constantly working its way toward a higher consciousness. It just isn’t noticeable in anything we do.


    • A most excellent and enjoyable comment Charles. Thank you for this meaningful perspective; it helps in coming to terms with Gripples.


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